NGOs are creatively driving awareness for their public campaigns on TikTok

NGOs have been increasingly leveraging social media platforms creatively to ensure that their messaging on social and health-related issues reach a large community base across the country. TikTok has become one such popular platform amongst NGOs to strike the right nerve with the user community for several causes that they are supporting. TikTok with its widespread reach across the various regions of the country, is providing the NGOs with the necessary boost for their campaigns. TikTok on its part has supported the NGOs with training workshops to acquaint them on how to leverage the platform for their campaigns. Additionally, TikTok has also played a key role in increasing the popularity of campaigns such as #CheckYourFacts, #BeActive, #Fakenewsalert etc.

Let’s look at how the non-profit organizations are driving awareness on the platform.

  1. Stay home and curtail fake news

UNDP India has leveraged their recent campaign on spreading COVID awareness through various social media platforms,  encouraging the user community to stay indoors and keep themselves healthy in the time of the health crisis. On TikTok, they have shared videos related to facts about coronavirus.They have also unleashed their creativity to educate people on the spread of fake news and misinformation.

  1. Love & sexual health in the time of crisis

From the minute details of a healthy relationship to the sexual health related information, Love Matters India has taken the initiative of educating young adults in the country. Recognising the apt target audience available on TikTok, they have launched several awareness driven campaigns such as #TakeChargeOfYourHealth and  #HappySingle.

  1. A step towards a happy childhood

In a quest to raise its voice and spread awareness related to social causes such as child marriage and child rights, CRY leveraged the TikTok platform for its campaign #NotYet wherein several users spoke about the importance of a happy, healthy and creative childhood for every child, be it a boy or girl.

4. Breaking stereotypes

UNWomen has launched several campaigns such as #HeForShe and #KaunsiBadiBaatHai to raise awareness on sensitive issues such as gender equality and domestic violence. The message shared by the NGO in the videos on TikTok are related to breaking the gender biases and various stereotypes that exist in society.

  1. Stay clean, stay safe

During the lockdown, UNICEF India has spread the message on safety in different languages on TikTok to cater to the wide reach of the platform. Through campaigns, the organisation has encouraged the user community to stay clean. Various messages related to coronavirus have been delivered by UNICEF in partnership with influential personalities such as Trisha Krishnan, Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvaraj Singh.


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