Good Parenting is the key to the proper development of a child By Dr. Tripti Sakhuja, Parenting coach and expert

Parenting means moulding a child physically, emotionally and mentally. Being a good parent means you should teach your child the lesson in what is right and what is wrong. Set limits and be consistent is the way to good discipline. Be kind and firm when forcing those rules. Focus on the reason behind the child’s behavior whether it is good or bad. Less parental love and more harshness in the home environment can affect how aggressive or rude children become and whether they lack empathy and a moral compass-a set of characteristics. A person should always be ready to learn Parenting.

The basic five-step process every parent should know are-


Walk the walk. Don’t just tell your child what you want. Show them what you want to tell them. Be the person you want your child to be respect your child, show them positive behavior and attitude, have empathy towards your child’s emotion and your child will follow suit.


Express your love. Loving them cannot spoil them. Only what you choose to do in the name of love can spoil them like material indulgence, leniency, low expectation and over-protection. When these things are given in place of real love then you are spoiling your child. Loving your child can be as simple spending time with them and listening to their issues seriously.

Positive Parenting

Positive parenting skills. Babies are born with around 100 billion brain cells with relatively little connections. These connections create our thoughts, drive our actions, shape our personalities and basically determine who we are. They are created, strengthened through experiences across our lives. Give your child positive experiences.

Being a Safe Haven

Let your child know that you will always be there for them in every situation by being responsive to the child’s signals and sensitive to their needs. Support and accept your child as a person.


We know the importance of communication. Talk to your child and also listen to them carefully. Do not let the communication gap takes place. By keeping an open line of communication, you’ll have a better relationship with your child and your child will come to you when he/she is in a problem.

Therefore being a good parent is challenging task where every day you will have to face a new challenge and you will have to deal with love and patience, and have to sacrifice many things just for your little prince/princess. it is a beautiful phase of every person in his/her life.

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