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Vneet P Yadav, Social Activist & PhilanthropistIt is very rightly said that the earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth and hence, it is our duty to protect the same. Deteriorating condition of our environment is becoming a major concern for all the nations. More we are progressing as a society and advancing technologically, more careless and irresponsible we are becoming towards our environment.

Notoriously poor air quality and hiking diseases due to environmental pollution is an alarm that it is high time to gear up to save the environment. According to World Global Ambient Air Quality Database by WHO, nine in every 10 people on the planet are breathing highly polluted air and more than 80% of urban population is bearing outdoor pollution that is much beyond the health standards.

Here are 6 steps that you can take to save the planet and its environment and ensure a healthy life to you and your loved ones:

  1. Make a shift to alternate sources of energy: Coal and petroleum are two major sources of energy used by people in different forms. However, the gases emitted by the combustion of these two leads to higher level of carbon dioxide which is a major cause of global warming. In order to save the environment, we must make a shift to alternate sources like wind energy, solar and geothermal energyetc.
  2. Say no to plastic: As it is said the charity begins at home, the changes also begin at home. The smallest step from your end to curb pollution is stop using plastic. Even one person’s denial to plastic consumption will prove beneficial. Plastic consumption and most importantly plastic burning is one of the most poignant sources of air pollution. Whenever you go out to buy something, carry your own bag to the store. While it will reduce the usage of plastic bags, it will also reduce the wastage of bags that we see piled up on the corners of roads and streets.
  3. Use eco-friendly products: In easy terms, eco-friendly products are those products which do not cause any damage to the environment in any manner, be it in production, consumption or disposal. These products are made of recycled materials which serves two purposes- saving environment from pollution and saving resources to be used to create something new. Instead of using plastic bottles, use reusable water bottles. Go for glass, stainless steel or aluminium water bottles.
  4. Promote plantation: There is no turning away from the fact only trees hold the ultimate power to save our environment now. In the process of progressing ourselves industrially, we have damaged our environment extensively by chopping down forests on a mass scale. It is time we reverse the damage and plant double the tress than we had put down. Increase the number of trees and see the multitude of affects you will be making. Less carbon dioxide, more of fresh oxygen, bringing the balance back to the environment, helping the environment combating global warming and so on. Pledge to gift a plant to anyone you meet.
  5. Waste management: Regulating waste management at your home and nearby is one of the strongest steps that you can take to keep your vicinity cleaner and greener. Instead of throwing garbage on roads or littering anywhere, use dustbins. Promote your family members and neighbours to use dustbin too and this small step could contribute massively to protect the environment.

As an ocean in made up of small droplets, every big change comes from small steps or changes. Contribute step by step and the chain of changes would lead to bigger changes in saving the environment, thus leading to healthy lives.

Authored by:- Vneet P Yadav, Social Activist & Philanthropist

(The views expressed in this article are by Vneet P Yadav, Social Activist & doesn’t own any responsibility for it.)

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