#Budget2016: Post Budget 2016 reaction by Mr. Abhayanand Singh, Founder of muvizz.com

With the government already fueling and making initiatives for boosting start-ups, the Budget 2016 was an event everyone deciding to venture into the game was looking forward to. With much emphasis being laid on making India digital, online growth is only booming. The budget announcing amendment in the companies act to ensure speedy registration will most certainly boost the start-up industry as the process will become a little easier. Which also means there will be more companies coming into the business, more money flowing in, more revenue generation if they work out fine. Another important thing said was the tax holiday for start-ups for 3-5 years from starting the company. Again an impetus worthy point, but how many of the emerging companies will be able to take its advantage? Will every company be able to turn out so many profits in the span of three years? The conditions of starting your own company may have relaxed a bit but is the environment conducive or more competitive is what we need to look at. The gestation period is good at 5 years. With more of spread over the digital platform, the choice for the consumer is varied. Live video-streaming is no more innovative, unless you’re really providing top quality material. To ensure a better service, you again need a better infrastructure, more investment only then will we get valuable returns. The operational costs will go up but profits may not. Though this budget promises for better avenues for those heading out, there was also a need for alternate sources of finance and regulation policy on the same.


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