HealthifyMe unveils its first AI nutrition coach

Leading health and fitness start-up, HealthifyMe unveiled its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled nutritionist Ria. The advanced AI coach, which has been under works for a while, will be launched in the coming months in Beta, and is expected to transform the way people manage their nutrition and fitness plans. The unveiling was done at HealthifyMe’s annual event “Ignite”, where the company also announced that it has achieved a 4.6-star rating on Google Play Store, becoming one of the few Indian apps over 1 million downloads to have ever reached the landmark rating.

Developed under the codename ‘Project Amadeus’, Ria uses key learnings obtained from HealthifyMe’s 150 million tracked meals (20 billion+ macro/micro nutrients) and 10 million message exchanges (1 billion+ words) between coaches and clients. Amadeus is the next step to “Jarvis”, the AI that has been assisting coaches to become more efficient by learning from their interactions with clients. Like fellow “intelligent assistants” Siri and Assistant, Ria can answer questions around nutrition and fitness via both audio and text. It can do so in more than 10 languages and provides personalised responses based on the users’ lifestyle habits. 

Speaking at HealthifyMe’s annual event, Ignite, Tushar Vashisht, CEO HealthifyMe said, “Our vision is to make healthy living accessible for all. As a first step, we used mobile and cloud to cater to Tier 2/3 cities. Now with AI capabilities, we intend to refine Ria and Jarvis to the point where they can allow us to serve beyond India using qualified nutritionists working from their homes in India but catering to the world.” 

HealthifyMe has been talking about its data insights on and has run several campaigns in 2017 focused on improving public awareness around nutrition. Tushar also recently presented to Prime Minister Modi on behalf of Health & Nutrition group at an event organised by Niti Aayog. 

The HealthifyMe app is available to download for free and enables users to keep a track of their calories, set personal fitness goals and measure progress. It boasts of the world’s largest database of Indian foods and syncs with all leading wearables including Fitbit, YuFit, MiBand amongst others besides its own fitness band RIST™. As part of its subscription services, HealthifyMe connects users with elite nutritionists and trainers who review their progress, provide diet and exercise plans and work with the users to help them achieve their fitness goals. 

The current HealthifyMe subscription plans cost from Rs. 999/- to 1699/- per month, depending on the number of coaches needed and other special packages for targeted programmes like weight loss, muscle gain, diabetes prevention. 

HealthifyMe AI solutions team comprises of data scientists, ML & NLP experts with relevant degrees from IITs, Stanford, Georgia Tech, IIMs and experience of working with companies like Google, ZS Associates, McKinsey, Mu Sigma.


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