How Konica Minolta’s Simitri technology is reducing negative environmental impact and promoting zero carbon footprint

Change, it is said, starts from within. It is a motto that Konica Minolta Business Solutions, a global leader in advanced imaging and networking technologies, has been living in action through its eco-friendly Simitri technology. By leveraging innovative manufacturing technologies for Simitri, Konica Minolta has cut down on the CO2 emissions during toner production by 76.9%. The company has also reduced its CO2 emissions during toner disposal by 8,400 tonnes over the last decade.

Simitri has several other major benefits, as far as its environmental impact goes. Since it is derived from plant-based resources, it emits less CO2 when disposed, promoting carbon neutrality. The polymerised toner also consumes less energy when compared to conventional pulverised toners, both during production and usage. Print jobs using Simitri toners also consume up to 30% less product when compared to pulverised toners.

First launched in 2001 after years of in-depth R&D on emulsion polymerised technology, Simitri is a plant-based polymerised toner for multifunction peripherals (MFPs). Simitri uses plant-based resources for all four toner colours, and also comes in the advanced Simitri HD toner variant to ensure the superlative image quality which Konica Minolta is renowned for. By leveraging Simitri extensively to complement its operations across the board, Konica Minolta today has the highest usage polymerised toner rate in the industry at 99.6%.

The innovative toner technology has helped Konica Minolta in drastically reducing its carbon footprint over the years, and ties in with its larger organisational vision of adopting more sustainable, environmentally-conscious operations. With an aim to create a sustainable society, Konica Minolta is looking to further pursue R&D initiatives to build on the differentiation that Simitri delivers.

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