Panasonic expands its Top Load Washing Machines with an intelligent new product line up

Panasonic India has introduced the new Stain Master Plus series in the top load washing machines category.  Launched in 10 kg (NA-F100V5LRB) and 14 kg (NA-FS14V5SRB) capacity segments, these are intelligent washing machines developed specially for the Indian Market. Powered byECONAVI technology, it detects the laundry load and input water temperature and automatically adjusts the optimal operation for energy, water and duration of wash.   These machines come equipped with an Inbuilt Heater, for a better wash. Irrespective of how dirty the clothes are or what the weather conditions are like,  these machines deliver washing performance, almost at par with professional laundromats at home.   99.9% Bacteria Elimination can also be achieved with this hot wash.   Also available in the regular Stain Master series (without hot wash)   are 18 different models and in 7 different colours ranging from White to Charcoal Grey, from Red to Floral blue. Price ranges from INR 20,000 to INR 60,000.  With this new range, Panasonic is looking at 30% growth in the washing machines segment in FY 2018-19.

Panasonic Washing Machine NA-FS14X3

This new  Top loading range of  washing machine is powered  by ‘Active Foam Technology’ which uses Foam to remove stubborn stains such as Mud, Sweat,  Sauce, Curries and  difficult to clean areas like Cuffs & Collars, at a press of a button.   Additionally, the bacteria elimination feature in Stain Master plus Models, soaks and washes clothes in hot detergent solution to eliminate common Bacteria like E-Coli & Staphylococcus for an extra hygienic wash.

Stain master range of Washing Machines also have an Aqua Spin Rinse feature which ensures 100% removal of detergent from clothes while saving 25% water as compared to other machines.  Additionally Gentle Hand Wash is a feature which allows users to wash even the most delicate items like embroidered garments, lace and fine silks, which they normally hesitate to put in a washing machine, and set aside to wash by hand.  Besides these power house features, these machines are ergonomically designed with large see through glass lid.  Designed at an angle, topped with a completely water proof user panel, loading and unloading clothes is now a breeze.  The washer lids are made of Toughened glass, and can withstand upto 60 kg of weight; making them the sturdiest of machines in the market today.  

Talking about the new models Mr. Gaurav Minocha, Home Appliances Head, Panasonic India said, “With the new range we have incorporated a perfect combination of technology, innovation and design. We have also done an extensive research on consumer needs and behavior to build the latest capabilities in our new washing machines.

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