Eureka Forbes introduces the goodness of Copper in your drinking water

Eureka Forbes launched Dr Aquaguard with ‘Activated Copper Maxx’, a first of its kind copper cartridge with the goodness of essential minerals. The advanced technology ensures the right balance of copper in every drop of water, required for daily nutrition.

Traditionally, people would store water in copper vessels for hours to boost its nutritional value. The new Dr Aquaguard with instant ionic fusion, avoids the hassle of prolonged storing of water in copper vessels to get the benefits of copper in drinking water. This provides safe and healthy drinking water, and boosts immunity. Eureka Forbes is thus redefining the concept of water purifiers and giving a new dimension to customer service.

Equipped with ‘Clean Free’ technology, there is no more hassle of cleaning oxidised (blackened) vessels. Also, the innovative ‘release technology’ ensures that the level of copper in the water is optimum, which is necessary to increase human body’s resistance against diseases. The technology has benefits for all and makes drinking water safe for all age groups, from infants to senior citizens, as testified by reputed doctors.

The purifier is designed in a stylish black and silver colour and comes with an attractive LED display to suit newer kitchen designs. Marzin R Shroff, MD & CEO, Eureka Forbes Limited, said: “As pioneers in water purification, for more than 35 years, we now want to take our offerings to the next level – nutrition combined with our leading purification technology. This is just the start. We are investing heavily in Research and Development to create revolutionary products such as NRICH with advanced technology like Activated Copper Maxx. This copper cartridge may seem like a small change but the quality of water it provides makes all the difference to the water we drink. We strive to bring the best for our customers.”

In today’s world, immunity is a constant battle with contaminated air and water. Eureka Forbes with the breakthrough technology of ‘Activated Copper Maxx’ is aiding consumers to lead healthier lives. Copper is an essential mineral for human body. It is found in all body tissues and plays a vital role in making red blood cells, maintaining nerve cells and the immune system. It also helps the body form collagen and absorb iron which is essential in energy production.

Dr Aquaguard with ‘Activated Copper Maxx’, by Eureka Forbes, is where tradition meets technology to create a product which promises to make lives healthier.

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