SYSKA LED Lights introduces Syska Splendent- a rechargeable LED batten

SYSKA LED has introduced Syska Splendent- a rechargeable LED batten. With this announcement, Syska adds one more innovative product to their LED lights portfolio.

Syska Splendent is an emergency LED batten which has been designed to solve the problems of power cut during summers and provide light even when there is no power. Syska Splendent is a rechargeable batten that comes with light mode selection. The product is portable as it is light in weight and has a charging indicator. The rechargeable batten provides uniform dispersion of light and in-built cell protection. The product is priced at INR 1100/-

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Rajesh Uttamchandani, Director, SYSKA Group, said, “The introduction of Syska Splendent emergency batten is to provide our consumers an enriching LED lighting experience. At Syska, we employ cutting edge technological innovations to introduce new products in the market. Syska emergency LED batten is a problem solver for every household that faces power cut as it offers light even when there is power failure or power outage. Syska as a company is focused on continuously innovating and introducing new products in the LED space by identifying the evolving needs of consumers.”

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