Kent Imaging Announces Strategic Partnership to Advance Tissue Assessment

Kent Imaging has announced a strategic relationship with Allergan Canada to advance tissue assessment in Canada.

This opportunity adds the Kent device to Allegan Canada’s Medical Aesthetics division with another solution for breast augmentation surgery along with AlloDerm, Natrelle, Revolve, and the Keller Funnel.

The Kent device is intended for use by healthcare professionals as a non-invasive tissue oxygenation measurement system that reports oxygen saturation (StO2), relative oxyhemoglobin level (HbO2), and relative deoxyhemoglobin (Hb) level in superficial tissue. Kent’s multispectral imaging technology displays two-dimensional colour-coded images providing critical information to help physicians determine at risk tissue and guide treatments to optimize patient outcomes in breast, reconstructive, and various other plastic surgery applications.

“With the Kent device, we can quantify oxygenation which is the best biomarker for tissue health and predictor of tissue viability in creating flaps with surgically reconstructed patients,” said Carmen Enciu, Medical Director and Head of the Canadian Chief Medical Office. This opportunity further reinforces Allergan Canada’s commitment to patients in need of treatment by finding innovative technologies that improve outcomes.”

“We are very excited about this strategic partnership”, said Pierre Lemire, CEO of Kent Imaging. “Working with Allergan Canada, we can help physicians determine the most effective treatment plans which provides them a means of reducing recovery times and patient discomfort, as well as optimizing patient outcomes.”

Features of Kent’s Tissue Oxygenation Assessment device:

  • Cordless handheld portable for use in all care setting
  • Instant tissue assessment
  • Non-invasive with no injectables or dyes
  • A means to track patient progress and treatment effectiveness
  • Provides quantified tissue oxygenation levels
  • No disruption to existing workflow
  • Accurate, unlimited imaging and storage
  • Ease-of-use with minimal training required
  • Low cost device with no disposables or pay per click fees

Kent is now available for sale in both the United States and Canada.

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