Anoroc Technologies comes up with a one-of-its-kind entertainment app ‘Bamchik’

Anoroc Technologies has recently launched Bamchik app which will be a one-of-its-kind entertainment and user-friendly application in the market. As of now it has been launched for the android version and will soon be available for iOS version as well.

Bamchik is a unique app that completely avoids displaying unnecessary advertisements in between the ongoing videos and offers a unique ‘no-ad-interruption’ user interface.

One can explore the peppy and trending collection of the Bamchik original music and mix it with the trending ones to make the content more entertaining. The most innovative content will get an opportunity to be featured on the Bamchik Social Media Platforms. The more followers you gather, the more will be your fan base and the closer you get to become a #Bamchik verified user and have a blue tick against your profile.

This is a space where you can earn name and exciting cash prizes by participating and winning our weekly thematic contest across interesting four categories – Social (Sharing moments of selfless acts or raising your voice against unjust deeds in the society), LOLMake people laugh with your witty and humorous content), Challenge(Push your creative limits and shoot out-of-the-box content with Bamchik’s weekly challenges), and Talent(Participate in weekly talent-based thematic contests and showcase your talent).

Bamchik is a user-friendly app with a unique UI interface. The application also offers various AR filters so that creators can enhance their content, beautify filters to sharpen their facial features, and background filters to give a soothing and artsy touch to the backdrop of your videos. The app will also help showcase highly engaging, creative, and entertaining talents across the country.

On this platform, one can shoot original short videos of music, dance, acting performance, martial arts, poetry, funny gags, stand-up comedy, beauty tips, workout techniques, or any other passion area that the user would want to share with the world. Here, the user will not only be able to explore the most-watched videos of other creators but can get a chance to compete with them and connect with fellow content creators in the community also.

Sharing his vision behind launching the app, Pulkit Kochhar, Founder & Director, Bamchik, said, “Our short video app, gives you the freedom to make time-lapse videos, and just go creative with your content, be it GIFs, one minute long or short clips of a few seconds with Bamchik original music. All we want is for the users to take the center stage with their talent. We envisioned creating an app to bridge the entertainment gap and deliver just what the customers- unlimited fun and tons of entertainment! We are powered by user-generated original content and are hoping to build a highly engaged community of young trendsetters and innovators of all age groups here on our platform.”

Speaking about the app and its features, Udit Pathak, Co-founder, Bamchik said, “We are organizing various weekly contests and challenges based on exciting and entertaining themes. We are sure that being a part of our thriving Bamchik community will surely bring out the best in you and will give wings to your inherent talent. If you think you have jaw-dropping skills and talent in you to create creative content that will leave everybody in awe, then Bamchik is your one-stop destination.”

Expressing his views about the app and its purpose, Abhinav Narula, Co-Founder & Director, Bamchik, says, “We believe that every person has inherent creativity that needs a platform. We at Bamchik are here to ensure that you can share your passion and skills with the world. We cater to a wide variety of genres, which include adventure, dance, comedy, social cause, challenges, and last but the least, infotainment. We are trying to put our best foot forward to ensure that the users have a one of its kind experience on the app by incorporating cutting-edge solutions both from the technical and creative perspectives. We wish to be the leaders in the ‘short video creation’ and ‘entertainment apps’ in the market and we are hoping that Bamchik will indeed receive a positive response from the audience.”

Anoroc Technologies is both the creator and the parent company of Bamchik. The thought process behind launching Bamchik app was to motivate and support gripping and amazing content on the digital platform through an application version. The app has been developed with a creative vision, post thorough market research, and with state-of-the-art technological solutions in order to make it one of the extraordinary and entertaining apps in the market.

The app has been designed to empower Indians to emerge as superstars and bring out their hidden talent on the stage. It is all set to unlock the world of possibilities for everyone who has intrinsic creativity and is in the search of a platform to showcase their talent!

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