Bangalore based Health-tech startup Bhookha Haathi plans to launch India’s first medical AV chatbot in tandem to Make in India

Elie is a platform agnostic medical assistant service based on SaaS technology for your home. Bhookha Haathi aims to empower its consumers with the right concoction of nutraceuticals for immunity boosting, backed by their core patent AI to tailor customised solutions.

In the light of the ongoing pandemic, we have seen unprecedented disruption around the globe, be it the economy, healthcare sector or retail. Ipso facto, no flattening in the curve is likely by the end of December 2020.

Bangalore based Bhookha Haathi aims to bridge this gap with a go-to platform for all medical services to make the user experience easy and hassle free. The aim is to make the exposure contact-less in terms of chatbots and keeping core focus on a/v (audio-visual) experience.

Co-founder Abhimanyu Rishi, said, “Ever since the advent of AI in the healthcare sector, personalisation, automation and accessibility to subjective data to garner insights has been possible for us to pivot and provide tailored solutions to our customers. We at Bhookha Haathi, believe that the vision of sustainability lies deeply in tandem to the vision of Industry 4.0. This not only involves integrating disruptive new-age technologies but also moving away from the mainstream to build a discourse for nutraceutical alternative medications and immunity boosters in general.”

Elie is an easy to assimilate algorithm which works on a plug and play module to any hardware or software because of its open API model. The company plans to first launch a pilot on Alexa and Google home soon.

Co-founder Kusum Bhandari said, “Elie is our attempt to contribute to the Make in India project of the PM. Our utopia is not a chimerical framework in the niche of Healthcare but a pragmatic way of improving and building on what already exists in terms of technology and resources by a model of optimisation.”

The AV chatbot Elie is built on the foundations of Bhookha Haathi’s current AI and will provide a medical assistant for your entire family restricted not only to their domain of nutraceuticals but other school of thoughts under the umbrella of healthcare.

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