Best App making platforms in India

Indian app development market which is mostly unregulated hence, gives nightmares to entrepreneurs or SME’s who are looking to develop software or app for their businesses. To tackle the growing issues which may range from delayed delivery, sub-standard products, sudden price hike, insistent follow-ups or worst the idea getting copied by the developer etc, companies from across the globe have understood the problem and have been trying to address the issue.

Lets find out top companies which are into app development and committed to make the whole process buttery smooth

  1. Zoho Creator – Zoho is prominent name in the industry which provides various services an one of it is Creator. Though it is mostly targeted towards SME’s but a small entrepreneur can utilize the cost-effective suite to build an online platform for their business. Like others it also has a drag and drop interface to build software. It also has its own extensive ecosystem which can serve the need of businesses in an advanced stage.
  1. – The most feature rich platform which helps in app development in many ways. It doesn’t charge for codes already existing in the library, it allows the person to control the speed of development (5 modes), choose a team from various geographic location, get dedicated project managers, choose template for the app and others. The platform is launched by the name of BUILDER which is powered by an AI which automates the whole process.
  1. Appy Pie – This is one of the oldest player in the Indian market with an extensive client portfolio which also provides drag and drop framework to create apps for various purposes. Like others this platform is for everyone from SME’s, enterprises, entrepreneurs, startups. Like others it is a cloud based platform which needs no setup to be installed to build apps on preferred platforms like Android & iOS.

Depending upon your budget or need you can pick anyone of these to get the best app building experience.


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