Bosch’s educational gaming app HygNXT focuses on health and hygiene

Bosch launches HygNXT, an educational gaming application that promotes next generation hygiene and good health practices. Developed in collaboration with Xarpie Labs, the app is available free to download for Android users from Google Play Store. HygNXT is non monetized, ad-free and currently supports English, Kannada and Tamil languages.

HygNXT app helps users especially children and young adults understand Covid appropriate behavior such as social distancing, wearing a mask, hand hygiene practices like washing hands and using hand sanitizer as well as good health practices through a fun and gamified approach. The app was designed keeping in mind users curiousity to increase motivation to play, learn and reinforce Covid appropriate behaviour.

On the launch of HygNXT, Dattatri Salagame, President and Managing Director, RBEI said, “Bosch conceptualized a novel way to practice hygiene essentials. Digital avatars navigating through simulated real-life scenarios where players graduate unique levels and get rewarded for following the best practices. HygNXT emerged from our innovation culture with an intent to leverage technology, with its extensive outreach, for social impact – in shaping a safe, healthy future for all.”

An instrument of change in the hands of health workers, teachers, and parents, HygNXT can influence positive behavior in communities to fight Covid. By generating real life scenarios across ten levels and bonus feature elements through augmented reality, the app covers topics such as personal hygiene practices, safe conduct at public spaces, waste segregation and healthy habits.

Shilpa Deodhar, Head of CSR, RBEI, said, “Children and young adults constitute a vulnerable group in the ongoing pandemic. With HygNXT, they can easily understand, and adopt safe hygiene habits. HygNXT is a promising CSR investment brought to life, as it resonates with our core values of responsibility, and sustainability.”

With the rise of technology-based learning during the pandemic, HygNXT has the potential to reach urban and rural India to adopt essential hygiene and health habits. We stand committed to creating smart technology solutions for social good and empowering communities.

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