happn prepares to launch exclusive voice features

happn, one of the leaders in the dating app sector, has announced it is developing a range of features exclusively focused on the voice, set to be launched on the application in September. With these new additions, singles will be able to enjoy an even more immersive, sensory online dating experience.

Dating and authenticity: a happn promise

Everything starts in real life… It is thanks to this observation that happn has been able to shake up the dating world. By using hyper-accurate, real-time geolocation features in a dating context, the app enables singles to connect with someone they have crossed paths with on a street, on a train platform or even in a coffee shop. happn gives them the power to seize every dating opportunity that life sends their way… many of which they would otherwise miss!

happn has always wanted to reflect the magic of meeting someone in real life as accurately as possible. This is why the app is now developing its offering to include a new sense via audio and voice features!

The voice: a conveyor of emotions and connection

Discovering a voice, its timbre and its rhythm offers a wealth of experiences that can inspire a number of emotions in each of us. happn has accepted the challenge of integrating this sensory aspect into its app through a panel of audio features set to be launched in September.

Didier Rappaport, CEO of happn, said, “Once again, we want to use technology to help singles and improve the dating experience. The integration of the senses into online dating is one of the biggest challenges applications will face in the coming years. We have chosen to start with the voice, and we are convinced it will totally revolutionise how we meet and get to know other people.”

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