Max Life ‘Critical Illness & Disability Rider’ + Max Fit app

Max Life Insurance Company Ltd. (“Max Life” / “Company”), announced the launch of ‘Max Life Critical Illness and Disability Rider’ and with it, the launch of ‘Max Fit’, a comprehensive wellness programme. Max Fit is a wellness app designed to lead customers on a path of protection through holistic fitness and wellness. In line with the company’s brand philosophy of “#YouAreTheDifference”, the app promises to provide patrons with a unique and exciting opportunity to work towards a healthier lifestyle with the ultimate aim of helping them realize that their health is their biggest asset.

Max Life’s newly launched ‘Max Life Critical Illness and Disability Rider’ provides comprehensive financial protection against a range of critical illnesses and disability. With many critical illnesses linked to lifestyle related habits, Max Life wants customers to stay fit, active and maximize their personal health and wellbeing. Together, ‘Max Fit’ program and ‘Max Life Critical Illness and Disability Rider’ – will address customers’ holistic health coverage needs to ensure they continue to ‘Be Fit, Be Protected, Be Happy’.

Speaking on the launch of the offerings, Prashant Tripathy, Managing Director & CEO, Max Life said, “At Max Life, we believe in offering customers holistic financial protection. This includes an emphasis on encouraging them to take care of their health, as a healthy mind and body lead to stronger immunity and better quality of life. With the launch of Max Life Critical Illness and Disability Rider, we aim to offer customers protection from any untoward circumstances, while rewarding them for taking care of their personal wellbeing. The accompanying Max Fit marks a great milestone in our digitization journey to deliver superior customer experience. It’s a win-win situation for customers where they are protected from uncertainties and rewarded for playing an active role in staying committed to their overall health.”

‘Max Life Critical Illness and Disability Rider’ offers customers protection from upto 64 critical illnesses, and has a cover under which one can protect themselves or their loved ones. It also comes with a flexible payment option wherein one can opt for limited pay or regular pay option as per the base plan. The rider can be attached to 11 of Max Life’s existing products ranging from term plans and saving plans to monthly income plans, and more.

Available exclusively with the rider, ‘Max Fit Program’ is a wellness app with features such as a wellness assessment score, medicine reminder, daily health tips, digitized access to all health reports and a wellness calculator for illnesses such as diabetes, heart diseases, stress, anxiety, etc. Recording a minimum of 50,000 steps on the app can accumulate one Healthy Week in a week*[1] and depending on the number of Healthy Weeks accumulated, the life insured is eligible for a discount (upto 10%) on rider premium at the time of renewal.

Celebrated tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi whom Max Life has engaged to drive home the message of leading a healthy lifestyle, added, “Leading a fit and healthy lifestyle has moved from a style statement to an essential. It is the new normal. By catering to the health and wellness needs of an evolving customer base, Max Life is redefining the landscape of new age life insurance solutions. I’m happy to associate with the futuristic vision of the firm and look forward to our journey as we encourage Indians to adopt a physically sound approach to life.”

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