Microsoft Garage Apps Help Small Businesses Become More Productive

Microsoft Garage recently introduced three business productivity Android apps – Sprightly, Connections and Kaizala. These apps aim to solve SMB needs around digital presence, business relationships, team management and business transactions. Sprightly helps effortlessly create, share and consume professional digital content on phone including catalogs, pricelists, promotions and e-cards. Connections helps grow the business by providing context to interactions during customer phone calls. Kaizala enables efficient business transactions over clutter-free conversations.

These innovative apps are designed to increase productivity of individuals and businesses while keeping them connected on the move.

Released through the Microsoft Garage, these apps target businesses in a very unique way-


Sprightly is an app for digital-content creation on phones that caters to an audience mainly focused on small-and mid-sized businesses. The app makes it easy to create professional-looking content on a mobile device to help businesses showcase and promote their products in a better manner.

  • Multiple collage types – Catalogues, Pricelists, E-cards, Flyers
  • Ability to share on multiple platforms including WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Collections for easy reuse of content
  • Option to export as a PDF and share on email


Connections helps users organize information about one’s friends, family members, and work acquaintances in an organized and chronological manner. Connections helps individuals and small businesses be prepared for every conversation by way of capturing, surfacing and sharing of context in the form of contact categories, notes and reminders.

  • Quickly capture notes & reminders for contacts during/after phone calls
  • Set reminders for each contact as a reminder to follow-up
  • Categorize contacts with tags to auto-organize and to broadcast SMS to groups of contacts
  • Add pictures from the phone gallery to have visual notes and reminders
  • Use SMS templates to quickly send important business & personal details to the contacts 


Kaizala is a productive chat application that supports clutter – free team conversations and helps work get done. It enables task assignment, tracking and confirming availability in a team. The app has been specially designed to help users, who are always on the move, keep track of items and other team members.

  • Create groups for each project or have a standard personal chat as well
  • Share or request location updates, share photos with location information
  • Create & assign jobs as well as track status of jobs
  • Capture and share bill photos along with other information to manage on the move billing

Sprightly, Connections and Kaizala are currently available on Android platform. These apps will also be available on the iOS platform shortly.

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