Money View becomes the first personal finance management app to be launched in regional languages

Money View, India’s leading money manager app, announced that the app is now available in six regional languages – Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, apart from English. After hitting the 5 million downloads milestone, the Android app has gone local to make money management technology accessible for everyone & make India financially fit on the whole.

With countless expenses this festive season, new and existing users can now manage their finances in their preferred language.

The tech-savvy English-speaking users constitute only 2% of India’s population and majority of the population is still comfortable with embracing technology in their local language. This demographic has taken a digital leap with the advent of smartphones but the advances of fin-tech have not fully reached them. Money View wants to make money management simpler for this under-served market.

Speaking about the app update, Money View’s Co-Founder Sanjay Aggarwal said, When we got a feedback call from a user in Rajasthan who said he was more comfortable conversing in Hindi, we realized that if we cannot speak our user’s language, we cannot fully solve their problem. The entrepreneur, the IT professional, courier delivery man or your neighborhood kirana store owner – we want to empower each one of these users to have a deeper control of their finances.”

If the app-economy is here to stay, it calls for insight-based approach to product. That is exactly what we have tried to achieve with this latest update and we made it a point that it went live just in time for festive budgeting,” Sanjay concluded.

With 6 local languages, Money View app helps a user to Manage, Save and Grow your money with features like Automatic expense tracking, Bill payment reminders, Smart budgeting and easy Mutual fund investing.

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