Nvidia is bringing Fortnite back to iOS with a new cloud gaming web app

The popular American company Nvidia has decided to bypass the App Store and recently launched a mobile variant of its project called GeForce Now. The service is working in beta mode now, which means any of the service’s customers can start GeForce Now on an iPhone or iPad. By the way, almost every best online casino or an online service takes roughly the same approach in developing mobile adaptability.

Such a scheme allows Fortnite to be available on Apple gadgets once again. The PC version of the game is accessible through GeForce Now. It becomes possible due to Nvidia and Epic Games’ cooperation around cloud gaming.

But the popular game isn’t yet ready for users. The reason is that the companies are trying to improve some of the functions such as touch controls and better adaptability.

How will it work?

Let’s talk about the specific benefits of innovation. All mobile users who could not open the game will soon be able to:

  1. Get it on Epic’s PC page.
  2. Sign in with the account or create it.
  3. Detect the game and run it on the device they want.

Users who have previously connected their accounts should have no problem synchronizing personal data (saves, logins, etc.) across different platforms. This is very convenient, especially if you have a large library of games or have important Fortnite saves.

How did the problems start?

It’s no secret that Fortnite worked just fine on iOS several months ago. But then the disputes between Apple and the gaming industry started. The first kicked off when Apple blocked Fortnite in the App Store. They wanted to punish the company for the creation of their own payment processes intended to bypass Apple’s usual 30% cut.

Soon thereafter, Apple explained its view on cloud services. They told that clients managed by Microsoft, and other companies can’t run on iOS due to App Store’s policy. They have also encouraged cloud game providers to use the mobile Internet if they find the conditions unsuitable. Microsoft and Facebook were the first to openly criticize the company’s actions.

What’s going to happen now?

Now all the biggest companies have chosen to stop their partnership with Apple. Microsoft plans to release an iOS version of xCloud in 2021, while Google has informed that it will be testing the iOS variant of its platform called Stadia. Nevertheless, Nvidia is ahead of both, starting a beta version of the GeForce Now activated.

A few more news about GeForce Now

Today’s article is not limited to Fortnight information. Here is the list of the extra reports:

  • Players will be able to use controllers (such as Sony’s Xbox One controller, DualShock 4, and others).
  • Touch controls will also work, although they will not be included in some games as management tools as the mechanisms running the platform are running the PC variant of the game, not an app built for mobile devices.
  • The computer mouse and keyboards won’t be in the list of supported devices at all. This is pretty sad news, the developers say that the reason is some technical issues.

As you can see, the gaming industry is facing extremely interesting changes that can greatly affect not only the industry’s heavyweights but also small companies.

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