PressPlay TV Revamps – India’s largest and first ‘Online + Offline’ Independent OTT platform announces a big makeover

PressPlay TV, India’s largest ‘Online + Offline’ Independent OTT (Over the Top) platform today announced a major makeover. PressPlay TV’s android app ( in its new avatar will offer users wider content choices viz. Hindi movies, TV shows, trending internet videos, news, sports, fashion, comedy and content from all other popular genres – spanning across more than 50 channels available to stream over the internet. Only 6MB in size, PressPlay TV is also the lightest OTT app in India. The company will soon launch the iOS app and desktop browser. The enhanced UI will make their experience even more engaging and make it easy to access the video of choice.

Universal video streaming platform – The iOS app and the web version will make PressPlay TV a universal video streaming platform ‘on and off line’.  This would not just increase the reach of PressPlay but per user engagement, especially with the desktop browser, the users will be encouraged to consume long form content like movies, TV shows etc. on their laptops or PCs. This opens up a whole new segment of users for PressPlay TV. The PressPlay TV Hotspot network, already 3000 (going to be 10,000 soon) strong, is engaging users across platforms.

 An independent OTT Platform – PressPlay TV is one of the very few OTT platforms that are independent, unlike most that are promoted or have an allegiance to a content developer (Company or a media house). The PressPlay TV content bouquet is well spread out. The company is aggressively tying-up and getting into licensing arrangements with leading developers across genres to increase the depth of their offering – from large media houses & production houses to individual content developers, from news channels to stand-up comedians. To further embellish the content bouquet PressPlay TV has added licensed content from some of the top companies in India viz. Lehren TV, Sun Network, Sony India, Fever 104 to name a few. PressPlay TV video link:

 Users spoilt for choice – PressPlay TV users will be spoilt for choice – Videos ranging from 2 minutes snackable ones to the hours long TV shows, movies and other trending videos, just a click away.

 Superior experience – PressPlay TV wants to lead the ‘Social feed’ video segment and is the only one offering curated video content. A dedicated team curates the content to deliver an unmatched and convenient experience to the users. Every aspect of the user experience has been enhanced. Going beyond functionality the all-new PressPlay UI lends an aesthetic sophistication to the look and feel of the app. The users will be able to access the content of their choice faster and the app view will display a wider array of choices.

Anand Sinha, Co founder & CEO of PressPlay TV, said, “Our aim is to bring the best-in-class entertainment and to extend the whole experience for our users everywhere – over the internet. The Android, iOS apps along with the desktop browser will give us unparalleled reach amongst the target audience. With Desktop browser we will reach out to the PC & laptops users further expanding our penetration. The rich content across varied categories makes PressPlay TV an alluring proposition for the user. And all these add-up to make PressPlay TV a must-have fun app on your smart device – our new logo is designed to set the mood for unlimited fun and play anytime, anywhere!” 

New Revenue streams – The PressPlay TV content is currently free at the hands of the consumer and is monetized by advertising. To further consolidate the position and further monetize the content the company will shortly introduce new revenue streams like SVoD (Subscription Video on Demand) and TVoD (Transaction Video on Demand). PressPlay plans to keep some content free to access for the user and some premium content – Freemium. This will boost the revenues and yet keep the user base intact. The existing AVoD (Advertising Video on Demand) will also be reinforced with new advertising products.

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