Reinventing the cab aggregation marketplace with “Cabto”

With the return of Odd-Even rule in Delhi, many commuters would be finding it difficult to scout for a cab. Even if you find one, you could end up paying SURCHARGES which is bound to leave a hole in your pocket. Solving this problem precisely is CABTO app. With the launch of Cabto app, the company is creating a platform that will enable customers to find and discover cabs from multiple vendors such as Ola, Uber, Meru, Easycabs. It also provides the price estimate including surge pricing so that customer can choose the cheapest available Cab option.

Cabto is extremely easy to use, all you need to do is download the app from Play store and upon opening the app it shows all available cabs/Autos in your vicinity with surcharge information, Per km price, Vehicle type etc. If you provide destination it calculates prices & filters with cheapest cab/auto on top. You can directly book Ola, Easycabs from Cabto. Uber & Meru reroute to their apps.  Cabto also shows nearby places to explore which could be a useful feature on travel.

Commenting on Odd-Even, Syed Hidayath (Founder & CEO, Cabto)  said “We are excited to provide a platform that will serve as a one stop solution for our customers. Customers gets to see the cheapest & nearest Cab options in one place this helps them to make informed purchase and bookings. This will work as a boon for customers during ODD-EVEN as surcharges will be generally high & we help customers avoid surcharges. This is just the beginning, we are looking at creating a travel marketplace with one stop travel solutions for customers including Ride shares/Bike taxis, Self drives, Inter city rental etc.”

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