Shopo makes shopping social with its latest app update

New Delhi, January 21, 2016: Shopo, a zero-commission, mobile app based marketplace launched by Snapdeal in July last year, has released an updated version of their mobile app to further enhance its buyer and seller experience by introducing a host of social features.



With this update, users on Shopo, can follow and get updates from the shops they like. They can also follow other users who are on the platform and get updates about their likes and activity on the platform. Sellers can now have visibility to those users who like their shop, and follow them. This gives them the power to build a strong community around their shops. The goal is to make the platform and the entire shopping experience a lot more social.

For buyers and sellers who prefer to consult their friends while making the purchase, the invite and share feature has been added with easy switching capability between Shopo and other social media platforms. Better image-grid based navigation, a revamped user interface and responsiveness badge for sellers are some other new features.

Another critical feature introduced is the Shopo Chat that enables users to chat with the Shopo team while transacting to resolve their queries and receive real time assistance. 

Sandeep Komaravelly, Senior Vice President of Shopo said, “Since its launch in July 2015, Shopo has witnessed a phenomenal response in terms of number of users interacting on our mobile app. It already hosts more than 50,000 businesses and over 3 million products. With the launch of ‘Feed’, our goal is to make the entire shopping experience on the app a lot more social.We are also empowering sellers to engage with their followers and drive growth for their shops. This complements our chat feature which has been the core of the platform since launch.” 

Recently, Shopo was included in the best of 2015 on App Store list released by Apple. Earlier this year, Shopo launched an advanced peer-to-peer chat functionality which allows buyers to exchange views, images, and browse simultaneously with their social groups.

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