Talk to Myself: a self-talk app that enables users to meet and connect with their true selves in a simple yet effective way

Life Logging: After a long and chaotic day, we all need a place where we can share our secrets, ideas, thoughts, and plans without any filter or pretense. People love to talk to themselves and it is important to know why. Documenting ideas is just one aspect of the need for people to talk to themselves. Additionally, sharing what’s going on in our minds has a lot of psychological and feel-good effects.

Secrets: The one thing that we all have in common is that we all have secrets, big and small. However, secrets can be a big burden and can add a lot of baggage to us. Therefore, we need a place to tell what’s going on in our minds because we can not always share our secrets with someone else.

Ideas, thoughts, and feelings: Moreover, there are lots of ideas, thoughts, and feelings going on in our minds almost all the time. Talk To Myself is an app that enables users to meet and connect with their true selves. It is a happy place where users have no pressure to decorate things. Using Talk To Myself, they can simply jot down, take a memo, or make notes without showing off, decorating things, or judging themselves.

Record precise moments: Even during the chaos of a long day, there are certain moments we want to remember and cherish. Before welcoming another long day in our lives, it feels good to count our blessings and be grateful for the happy moments that we have been blessed with. By using Talk To Myself, users can make these memorable moments count by recording them and precisely storing how they felt in that moment.

Pouring feelings and letting them go: The app works on a simple concept that the best way to find oneself in the rush of a million emotions and thoughts is to let out whatever is going on in their mind. By writing anything as if they are talking to themselves, people can use Talk To Myself to let it all out and feel better.

Personal Archive: It is no surprise that so many users are simply using the Talk To Myself app to document and archive anything and everything that crosses their minds. This simple and effective mechanism helps them to record and save their own story, which only they can read anytime later.

Reflecting on life: As thinking individuals, introspection and self-reflection are critical to our well-being. They simply can’t be ignored in today’s day and age. Practicing self-reflection efficiently can bring a lot of peace and harmony to our lives and that is yet another reason why users love to use the Talk To Myself app. The app allows them to capture their emotions, perspectives, and knowledge in the most user-friendly way so that they can reflect on their life with a clear and broader lens.

“Hey, this is the best app I’ve ever downloaded. You can talk to yourself through messages, unlike a normal diary. It gives me a lot of peace and relaxation. Now this app stays forever with me,” shared one of the users who has largely benefited from using Talk To Myself.

Another happy user who had long been waiting for an app like Talk To Myself, said, “I actually needed an app like this. Sometimes, there’s no one to talk to or you just don’t want to bother anyone. I feel like I can let my burdens out without bothering anyone. This is my first time rating an app but I just love it. I wish I found apps like this sooner.”

Designed and developed by Horizon Corporation, the app offers a simple yet effective first-of-a-kind UI for users to Talk To Themselves, anytime, anywhere. What’s more- The app offers a range of pleasant color themes to choose from. Users can also opt to make it password protected. Available on Google Play Store for free, Talk To Myself is the go-to app for users to connect with themselves and self-reflect on their lives. Indeed we all can move forward with a positive attitude if we can let out and document what’s going on in our minds without the need to show off or decorate things and just Talk To Myself.

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