Tinder introduces Prompts to help express yourself and increase Match potential

Did you hear? There’s a new way to put your personality front-and-center on Tinder.

The world’s most popular app for meeting new people has new Prompts that display among your profile photos. Writing the perfect bio can be nerve-wracking, so they’ve introduced a way to share bite-sized glimpses into your personality that can also be great conversation starters.

With Text Prompts, we’re excited to give our members a way to freshen up their profiles, highlight their personalities, and bring out their creative sides with just a few words. We hope that these will lead to more connections and spark conversations during a time when many of us are craving a change in routine and someone new to talk to” added a Tinder spokesperson. 

Here’s how it works.

  1. It just takes three taps to access Text Prompts:👉Profile icon in the top right corner of your app 👉 Add Media 👉  Text Prompt
  2. Pick your fave(s):The dice in the top left of the screen to see more Prompts. Pick the one(s) that speak to you and provide a response. These will display as a photo, so when potential matches through your profile, they’ll be front-and-center. Here are some of our favorites thatreally show who you are:
  • Song I’m singing while I wash my 👐
  • I’m finally binging 📺
  1. That’s it:once you tap “Add”, then your Prompt response will be added to your profile photos. You can rearrange the order photos, Loops and Prompts are displayed – or remove them – at any time.
  2. Check back👀

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