The future of social media is here with Taki – Engage2Earn and the power of crypto

Taki-Co-Founder-Sakina-ArsiwalaThe world is seeing a radical change with the internet as we speak. We are stepping into a dynamic transition of the internet from Web2.0 to Web3.0, where the entire ball-game of social media platforms is shifting. The future of social media is here with Taki, a global token-powered social media platform that is all set to enter the Indian market. Taki is a one-of-a-kind engagement platform for creators, crypto enthusiasts, and normal users to earn a daily income simply by posting content, chatting, and engaging with each other on topics of interest.

Taki, a Solana-based social media network that runs with an Engage2Earn (E2E) business model, where all the users on the platform get rewarded for creating posts, or even by simply engaging with other’s posts. It’s like scrolling endlessly on Facebook or Twitter but being rewarded for the same.

Once iconic, all traditional social networks are now becoming stagnant and inert, this is where web3.0 is stepping in with a paradigm shift of concepts and building a platform of opportunities to cash in for normal users. Thereby, engagement-to-earn rewards for user contributions and engagement are a way to strengthen creator-audience relationships while also introducing new engagement parameters; this is where Taki steps in.

By participating within the Taki community, users can earn their native social crypto token called $TAKI by creating content such as writing posts, uploading photos or videos, or engaging with the other creators’ work. Users can then use their $TAKI to purchase User Coins ($UCOIN), which represent the value creators bring on board.

Furthermore, by rewarding others with $TAKI and buying their $UCOIN, users can actively scout and support promising creators. Even buying a particular $UCOIN increases the possibility to earn profits in the future in case the creator becomes famous and their $UCOIN value goes up against the $TAKI.

The Taki Wallet is where users can view their $TAKI and user coin holdings on the platform. Moreover, users can now buy and sell user coins directly from their wallets.

Taki Wallet also allows users to check the real-time $value of their own coin. In addition to this, Taki also plans to launch a deposit and withdrawal feature, so users and creators will be able to deposit or withdraw $TAKI directly to their Solana wallet in the future.

To earn Taki Tokens, users must first be a part of the platform community. From then on, they can earn $TAKI by creating a post and engaging with other users’ posts. As a user, you can not only engage in daily rewards on the platform but also invite your friends to earn Taki Tokens.

The platform is currently invite-only, with over 648,382 enthusiast users on the waitlist and a total user base of over 87,000 users.

Taki believes in shifting the focus away from mere social curiosity and mindless scrolling to a platform that helps a common man earn money for engagement and spending their time on social media. This is to empower people and be mindful of what they are engaging with over the internet and of course, earn an income. This new trend of Engage2Earn will take the world by storm and Taki is the torchbearer of this trend.

Despite the Indian government’s regulatory uncertainty regarding cryptocurrencies, the Indian population remains one of the most crypto-savvy demographics in the world. With this, Taki is progressing on its mission to be a gateway for crypto-enthusiasts in India, owing to the growing demand for web3.0 applications in the country.

(The views expressed in this article are by Sakina Arsiwala, Co-Founder, Taki. doesn’t own any responsibility for it.)

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