Nexzu Mobility commences testing of a brand new Step-Through e-cycle

Nexzu Mobility, India’s leading home-grown e-mobility brand, is set to launch a Step-Through e-cycle, a welcome addition to its cutting-edge e-cycle portfolio. The e-cycle features an effortless hop-on hop-off frame design, rarely seen in India e-cycles so far. The frame design speaks to the brand’s vision to make EVs accessible to all. The Step-Through e-cycle will be priced in the range of Rs.40,000/-.

An array of vibrant colours were seen for both the cargo and city commute variants of the brand’s new innovation. In the most noteworthy feature, the e-cycle displays a large external battery, projecting a higher range for customers. This new e-cycle is expected to be available on Nexzu Mobility e-commerce platform and dealership network by December this year.

The growing demand for two-wheelers and e-cycles can be attributed to the necessity for personal mobility, coupled with rising fuel prices and government subsidies that make EV purchases more affordable. To further enhance the adoption of EVs, Nexzu is on a quest to provide customers with a smarter, more efficient riding experience, ushering in a green and clean revolution. The latest step through e-cycle will bring the brand closer to its mission.

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