IIFL Securities Deploys inFeedo’s Amber for 1900+ employees; ramps up EX program

IIFL Securities Limited, one of the largest independent full-service retail and institutional broking house and leading investment advisory firm in India, announced that it has deployed inFeedo’s Amber for over 1900 employees in the organization. Amber is a Conversational AI employee experience platform. Using the platform, IIFL seeks to measure and improve employee engagement, predict attrition, and build a more robust employee listening culture.

Seismic shifts such as Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, and now an economic slowdown have made people leaders rethink employee engagement and experience. Now more than ever, it is important to personalize engagement with employees and look at technologies such as Conversational AI to add predictive capabilities and engage with employees more efficiently. A recent Gartner survey of HR leaders found that 47% cite employee experience as a top priority .

Deepan Raje, Head of Human Resources, IIFL Securities said, “We’ve been certified as a Great Place to Work for the last 4 years, and building a people-first culture is a top priority at IIFL Securities. We continue to lead the people-first journey in our industry, and Amber helps us with the right insights to make data-led decisions. We needed a platform that helped us capture real-time employee feedback and sentiment, and we’re seeing a gradual adoption of the platform by employees over the last few months. Amber is more than a automation tool – she is a partner who helps us understand employee sentiments better, personalize conversations and manage employee experience from onboarding to exit.”

Tanmaya Jain, Founder & CEO, inFeedo said, “The role of the CHRO and people teams have become extremely nuanced in the last few years. In current economic conditions, business leaders are turning to people teams to ensure employee productivity to boost business growth. Employee engagement and experience are at the centre of every organization’s people strategy and we are excited to partner with IIFL Securities and enable them to build a workplace where every employee feels heard and valued.”

inFeedo’s Amber is a SaaS platform that uses contextual and conversational AI to uncover hidden gaps in an organisation’s culture and teams. She is deployed at scale as the Chief Listening Officer and reports directly to the CEO. Her Conversational AI and people analytics capabilities help HR leaders control attrition by understanding how employees really feel, uncovering the real sentiment and gaps, especially for the top talent.

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