5 must have apps for solo travellers

When you are planning to travel alone, your smartphone can be your best friend, caretaker, travel planner, and probably the only lifeline. That means your smartphone must be loaded with the right apps which help manoeuvre around and stay safe. Here are the 5 best-shortlisted apps for solo travellers, consider downloading them as digital companions for the backpack or a dip in luxury trips

  1. Google Translate

Language barriers can loom even larger as you have no companions to fill in the gaps in your vocabulary. As simple as it is, if you travel somewhere that they don’t really understand your language, the “conversation mode” of Google Translate app can make your interactions with locals much more comprehendible. Make sure you adjust the lag time and prepare for some silly translations. Throwing in some hand gestures can make for a perfect communication strategy.

  1. Airbnb

Did you check into a hotel to make a huge hole in your budget and then thought that was not the idea to bag pack or you could have been at a better yet inexpensive place? The reason behind solo traveling is to experience the local culture and hence look for lodging options that offer an opportunity to meet and interact with local people. With Airbnb, you can literally find whatever you want or need – vans, castles, a bed in someone’s apartment, or a whole guesthouse to yourself.

  1. OneAssist

Traveling to a new place comes with its share of indulgence. The excitement of trying the local cuisine, the joy of buying that memorabilia, may soon evaporate if one were to misplace their wallets. If you are someone who likes to be safe than sorry, then this OneAssist app is for you. The app puts you in total control by offering assistance and protection for wallets in case of card frauds and theft.  With just one call, you can block all your cards. Also, assists you with hotel bill settlement, return ticket arrangement & even provide cash assistance of upto 25,000 anywhere in India, so that you are never left stranded on unfamiliar territory

  1. Tripadvisor City Guides

Navigation troubles will not bother you with this one. Having maps for the top cities, like New York, Paris, Rome, Berlin, and others, allows you to pin all your locations and sights into a personal route. There is an offline option for those who hate running around the city looking for a decent WiFi connectivity.

  1. Uber

There are chances that you might get tired exploring the new city or get lost with no idea of your whereabouts. With Uber, have a cab at your service no matter in which part of the city you are. You don’t even have to worry about carrying cash to pay your bills. With an inbuilt mobile wallet, your bill is directly debited from your account with just a tap on your screen.

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