50% of iPhone users and 14% of Samsung users want new iPhone X: MaruUsurv

50 per cent of existing UK iPhone users say they want the new Apple iPhone X according to a consumer survey conducted immediately after news of the product was released last night (12.09.17). A further 39% want “to find out more first”. “This represents a resoundingly successful launch”, said Guy Potter, Head of Research at MaruUsurv.

Amongst current Samsung owners the picture painted is not so rosy 14 per cent say they want to upgrade to the iPhone X (though this is more than double when compared to the iPhone 5S launch) when it becomes available in the UK. Encouragingly 48% say they want to find out more first. Guy Potter went on to say “whether this is enough to change to landscape of the UK smartphone market remains to be seen, but it is interesting that after a few hours the results for the new iPhone are so strong”.

The results were particularly strong amongst younger consumers, showing the brand is still a force to be reckoned with amongst 18-24. Whether the iPhone X can capture both ends of the market remains a key test, but this early poll suggests that this might not be the case with younger consumers 3 times as likely to want to upgrade as older consumers.

Cost has often been touted as a barrier to owning an iPhone and with the cost of the iPhone X set to break into 4 figures in the UK, this needs to be considered. Two thirds (65%) of Samsung owners say that in the past they have been put off an iPhone because of the cost.

The features, a key part of any iPhone launch resonated with consumers to differing degrees. The top three features amongst current iPhone owners were; increased battery life (70%), wireless charging (57%) and fast charging technology (52%).

Amongst Samsung owners, the top three features were comparable; increased battery life (66%), fast charging technology (47%) and wireless charging (45%). “Get these right and the iPhone X could start gaining extra traction in the smartphone arena”.

The level of interest in the iPhone X feature set was high with only 14% claiming to find nothing appealing.

Guy Potter, research director at MaruUsurv, said, “The appetite for a high end smartphone is not waning at all, if anything, consumers are more wedded than ever to the idea of owning the latest state of the art phone, with as advanced features as possible.”

Participants were asked:

1)            Which of the following brands of Smartphone do you consider your main phone?


All Respondents
Apple iPhone 38
Samsung Galaxy 28
Nokia 4
Blackberry 1
Motorola 5
Sony Ericsson 6
Other, write in 9
None of the above 7


2)            Thinking about your current main mobile phone, how likely are you to get the same brand of mobile phone when you next change your phone?

Apple iPhone Samsung Galaxy
Sample Size 381 282
% %
Very likely 67 42
Fairly likely 23 34
Neither likely nor unlikely 6 20
Fairly unlikely 3 2
Very unlikely 1 2


3)            The Apple iPhone X has just been launched. Which of the following features do you find appealing?

Apple iPhone Samsung Galaxy
Sample Size 381 282
% %
The Facial ID recognition system 35 23
Wireless charging 57 45
Augmented reality and virtual reality 18 11
An OLED screen with better colour resolution 30 23
The Edge to edge screen 34 23
Fast charging technology 52 47
Increased battery life 70 66
A louder speaker 24 17
Improved camera 49 42
None of them appeal to me 3 17


4)            Do you want to upgrade to the iPhone X?

Apple iPhone Samsung Galaxy
Sample Size 381 282
% %
Yes 50 14
No 12 48
I would want to find out more first 39 38


5)            Have you ever wanted an iPhone but been put off because it has been too expensive?

Apple iPhone Samsung Galaxy
Sample Size 381 282
% %
Yes 56 65
No 44 35

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