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FashionAndYou-LogoNew Delhi, India, March 24, 2015: FashionAndYou, India’s leading flash website in the fashion and lifestyle space brings you ‘eye-popping’ news. Presenting stylish ways to fulfill your eyewear needs is the latest collection of Fendi sunglasses and Dsquared frames in a range of designs and hues.

Find your favourite spot in the sun covering up with the classy and super-glam sunglasses by Fendi. From the classic aviator-style to cat-eye and sports-luxe, you’ll find them all at FashionAndYou. With UV protection, a matchless smooth finish, classic designs in subtle but stylish hues, these sunglasses will ensure that you turn the temperatures a couple of degrees higher in the upcoming summer months.

Crafted with perfection, Dsquared offer you a collection of frames that add just the right touch of suave luxury. The bespectacled look has always been extremely attractive if carried off right and with the correct set of frames. Here’s your answer to a perfectly edgy demeanor. Choose from different colours and shapes to accentuate your face and persona. This fashion accessory is definitely a prized possession and worth the grab.

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