Aegon Life Insurance launches ‘No Violence’ against doctors campaign

Aegon Life Insurance has launched a unique digital campaign, #Savethesaviour, to show gratitude towards the doctors and thank them for their hard work and dedication, during these times of crisis. Doctors give more than 100% of their effort to the society, leaving behind their families to help the country combat the novel Coronavirus every single day. In this heart-warming digital campaign, Aegon Life has thrown light on the horrid violence faced by the doctors in the country almost every day. Through the #Savethesaviour initiative, Aegon Life is urging people to take a pledge to protect the doctors who protect us.

Violence against doctors has been prevalent even before the pandemic and has increased many-folds in the past few months. As per the Indian Medical Association (IMA) report, in most of the cases (60%-70%), violence against the healthcare workers was in the form of either verbal abuse or physical assault. Almost 75% of doctors have been a victim of violence while diligently carrying out their professional duties.

Speaking on the launch of the initiative, Mr. Satishwar Balakrishnan, Principal Officer, Aegon Life Insurance said, “Doctors are the ones we put our trust in to recuperate from any illness or medical condition. This digital campaign is a tribute to them for all the hard work and the uncountable number of hours they have given to protect the citizens of our country from the pandemic. We are extremely grateful as they stand by us as a pillar of support and are selflessly helping the patients overcome the pandemic. Doctors are our superheroes who have been on the frontline in the fight against this pandemic. However, their determination is not reciprocated with the respect they deserve. We want people to spread the message of ‘No Violence’ by greeting their doctors with a smile and saying, ‘Thank You’.”

The #savethesaviour initiative has been conceptualized by one of India’s leading independent digital marketing and communications consulting firms ‘Arm Worldwide’.

Mr. Manas Gulati, Co-Founder, and CEO, Arm Worldwide, shares, “Doctors have been the bedrock of our society and have been working relentlessly to protect us at all times. Even during this time of the coronavirus crisis, they have gone out of their way to save lives and bring a smile on people’s faces. As a society, we have not been thankful enough.

In today’s times, especially, we will not be able to survive Covid-19’s onslaught without these saviours. We believe that society at large owes them, and it should always be our concerted effort to protect them. This message is for the people of India to come together and sensitize them about violence against doctors and express our gratitude with a SMILE.”

The campaign is live across Aegon Life’s social and digital channels.

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