Amazon Pay launches sign language video KYC service for hearing and speech impaired customers

Amazon Pay recently launched a video sign language Know Your Customer (KYC) service for hearing and speech impaired customers, which involves communication through sign languages, a pioneering initiative in the digital payments sector in India. The company has rolled out the initiative that enables two-way video communication in sign-language between Amazon Pay employees and customers. The goal is to make the KYC process effortless for those who rely on sign language, and making digital payments more inclusive.

The innovative initiative aligns with Amazon’s commitment to Digital Bharat, ensuring that its services are inclusive and accessible to all, in line with the broader vision for a digitally empowered India.

Speaking about the service, Vikas Bansal, Director Payments and Financial services, IN Payments, said, ‘’Our sign-language video KYC service is a natural extension of Amazon Pay’s focus on Customer Obsession and Financial Inclusion. With this service, which we have implemented within the scope of our barrier-free service, we enable our customers with disabilities to benefit from video KYC easily and safely. This service offers them the enhanced benefits of digital wallet for their everyday payment needs. We want to ensure that our products are inclusive and that our services, experiences, and functionality is available to everyone, regardless of their ability.’’

Amazon Pay has provided Indian sign language training to over 120 employees that provide video-based KYC services to customers across India. The interactive training module, focused on equipping employees with the ability to effectively communicate with hearing and speech-impaired customers, is developed by the in-house team.

Commenting on the initiative, Deepti Varma, Vice President, People Experience and Technology, Amazon Stores India, Japan and Emerging Markets, said, ‘’The culture of inclusivity permeates into everything that we do at Amazon. We are constantly working towards strengthening our commitment to making Amazon truly inclusive – from having a diverse workforce & inclusive culture to extending equity-centered services to our customers. We recognize that improving accessibility of Amazon services for people with disabilities is a cause that deserves attention, and through our sign-language video KYC initiative, we want to put into sharp focus the kind of thoughtful changes that can be made to help people with disabilities. Our endeavour is to create an inclusive experience at every touchpoint, whether it is for our employees through our various Diversity Equity & Inclusion focused programs and benefits or demonstrating greater empathy for customers with disabilities through innovative solutions.’’

Sharing his experience of Amazon Pay’s video KYC service, Rajendra Kumar, a resident of Nagpur expressed, “Earlier KYC service for setting up all my online payment wallets was majorly via voice calls; and this was a huge obstacle for deaf and hard of hearing people like me, who would ask our family members to speak as we cannot. But now, with Amazon Pay’s service to help us with our KYC, it is convenient. I am pleased with the sign language video KYC experience for my Amazon Pay Wallet which was carried out with ease.”

In line with the on-going efforts to enhance the experience of customers with disabilities, Amazon has launched many such programs that benefit customers in India, such as ‘Listen-Ins for Accessibility’ where customer service teams listen to recordings of calls made by anonymized customers with disabilities to learn about issues faced by them and their unique needs. Additionally, the Amazon Digital, Device and Alexa Support (D2AS) organization has set up accessibility support teams that offer customer service across eight marketplaces including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. A high volume of these accessibility associates are based out of India. They undergo Accessibility training modules like Assistive Technologies, and Accessibility features on Amazon devices. The team replaced multiple touch points for the customer to reach Amazon with a dedicated Accessibility icon that allows customers with different kinds of disabilities to choose Phone, Chat or Email support as per their convenience and quickly get in touch with Technical Care associates with a single click.

Amazon remains committed to cultivating an inclusive culture that provides equal opportunities for all employees to unlock their full potential. The focus extends beyond gender diversity to encompass various cohorts, including women, the LGBTQIA+ community, military veterans, and the differently abled. At Amazon, a diverse workforce drives innovation, helps understand the diverse customer base, and enhances decision-making through diverse perspectives. The company’s commitment to DE&I is reflected in its policies, programs, and initiatives aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

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