Antimicrobial Surface Coating Solution Offering 365 Days Protection from Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi Now in India

A permanent antimicrobial surface coating solution that offers protection from over 100+ microbes including viruses, bacteria and fungi is now available in India. Quinn Hygiene Products LLP, a Mumbai based start-up has brought exclusive rights from a German based company to sell an award-winning product Liquid Guard in India. It offers a minimum of one year protection keeping all types of surfaces antimicrobial. Quinn Hygiene has all the necessary tests & certifications from reputed global and national certified labs and health institutes.

Many commercial surface disinfectants and coating products available in the market offer a temporary solution however they do not protect the surface from future contamination. This leads to viruses, bacteria or fungi returning back to the surface. Liquid Guard offers a permanent solution to solve this problem where the coating once applied remains effective for 365 days.

Mr Rajiv K. Sanghvi, Founder & CEO, Quinn Hygiene, said, “I believe by now we are all aware of the word “Hygiene” especially in difficult times like this pandemic, hygiene has become an important part of our daily life be it at home, offices, educational institutes, retail stores, restaurants, salons, factories, etc. Safety of ourselves & our loved ones, our employees & our customers has become of utmost importance. Our mission at large is to keep all our surroundings protected from all kinds of surface viruses and give our citizens a huge relief from catching any possible types of disease and infection caused by fomite transmission.”

This nano-based technology is a non-visible coating which is human & pet safe and can be applied to any surfaces such as home & office furniture, mobiles, laptops, walls, glass, curtains, carpets, textile, plastic, metal products, etc. Many big brands across India are already using Liquid Guard’s anti-microbial nano coating technology, to keep their workspace & products anti-microbial. Malls across Mumbai have assured the safety of their visitors by applying this technology on the surfaces in their premises. The company will also be launching their B2C and retail business soon.

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