Baby Care brand CHICCO expanding its Oral Care Range

Chicco has extended its oral care range and introduced new age-appropriate toothpaste flavours and toothbrush range to make the oral care regime enjoyable for babies & kids.

Proper oral hygiene goes far beyond fresh breath; it is the best resolution to prevent gum disease later in life. The enamel in babies and kids is in the development stage and is thinner than those of adults. Thus, while selecting an oral care regime for babies, parents must consider using products that gently cleanse without damaging the enamel and delicate gums of the little ones.


CHICCO TOOTHPASTE – Chicco toothpaste is 75% lower abrasive, which reduces the risk of enamel damage while providing the proper cleaning. It contains Xylitol that does not allow the cavity-causing bacteria to grow, thereby reducing the chances of cavities. Since babies are not a pro at spitting out the paste and also swallow sometimes by mistake, the toothpaste range for up to 6 years is fluoride-free, so it is safe for babies and kids. The new age-appropriate flavours, introduced by Chicco, have been designed to instill the habit of regular brushing in babies and kids. Adding to this, the Chicco toothpaste range is now certified by the Indian Dental Association (IDA).

The toothpaste range includes Gum Gel (0month+), Apple-Banana toothpaste (6 months – 6 years), Strawberry toothpaste and the newly launched mix-fruit toothpaste (12 months – 6 years). As kids grow above six years, they have permanent teeth. For them, Chicco has introduced new mild-mint toothpaste with an age-appropriate amount of fluoride.

The Chicco toothpaste range is available at a very viable price, i.e., Rs. 179/- in 4 different flavours.

CHICCO TOOTHBRUSH- The new toothbrush range has the innovative extra soft Tapered Bristle which provides gentle and effective cleaning without damaging the baby’s teeth enamel and gums. The bristles of the toothbrush are BPA free and therefore safe for children. The toothbrush’s head & neck are ergonomically designed and hence suitable for baby’s mouth. The toothbrush also offers the anti-slip grip for firm holding to have control while brushing.

The toothbrush range is available in two age groups 6mn-36mn (Pink, Blue and Green color) and 3yr-8yr (Pink, Blue, Green and Orange).

The toothbrushes are competitively priced; 6mn-36mn range starts from Rs.149 and 3yr-8yr range starts from Rs.119.

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