Beat The Heat, Through These AC Hacks By Trane India

With summer getting hotter year on year, Indian consumer need to pay quite good attention to be prepared for the summer a get themselves a reliable air conditioner.  It could be first time purchase or replacing an old unit below are few checklist before you could buy one.

Frequency of Use and how different type of air conditioner can help.

Based on the frequency one uses the aircon & application there are range of solution available in the market from simple Windows , Split , Inverter Splits.

Window air conditioner :If you have a provision of window in your room and cost is the main criteria one can opt for Window air conditioner. Attention is required to ensure the units fits properly inside the window of your room, prior measurement is needs to be taken to ensure good fit.

Split : split-ACs are quite compare to the Window ACs.  They can be installed in rooms where windows are not available. Easy of keeping the outdoor at a distance way makes these units more popular. However they are little expensive compared to the Window air conditioners. Many feature are available in the splits from Filters to advance feature in remote such as “Follow Me” etc. One needs to look at the utility of these features before making a decision to buy the Air conditioners.

Inverter Split: These are similar to split however run with Inverter Compressor. These units are advance in technology and  offer superior power saving. If Power bills are key factor in deciding to go for an air conditioner , Inverter splits are smart choice.

Size of the Air condioned room
Size of the room determines the to an extent the capacity of the Air conditioner to be use . while there are other factors  which  could affect the selection , typically 100-125 Sqft size would require 1 TR, 125-170 Sqft required 1.5 Tr and 170 -220 Sqft for a 2 TR

Is your room exposed to sun on all sides?
In addition to the above , other critical factor would your room exposure to the sun. In case 3 sides are exposed to Sun , consider upgrading your air conditioner to the next capacity size for better comfort. Same applies if your roof is also exposed and you don’t have proper insulation to it.

What’s the Star rating of the air conditioners Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) labeling is mandatory for air conditioner used in India . Every BEE label displays ISEER and star rating .. Higher the star rating lower the power consumption of the air conditioner. Based on your usage the decision can be made to go for either 3 or 5 star. If your air conditioner runs for 5- 6 hrs or less , 3 star unit could be more useful more than this consider buying 5 star unit

Look for ways to save money and keep your room cool this summer
Keep your room cool with window blinds, curtain Turn off the aircodnitioner when not in use
Clean your filter regularly for better comfort Regular maintenance of the units is require for optimum performance

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