Cafe Coffee Day partnered with ‘Coffee Day Essentials’ to launch a pilot project

Shopping for daily essentials can sometimes seem like a dreary task. But Café Coffee Day now has the perfect solution to this. CCD offers yet another initiative that brings convenience and delights its customers. CCD customers can now sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee while shopping for their daily essentials all under the safety and comfort of their favourite café.

Cafe Coffee Day, India’s most loved coffee chain, has partnered with  ‘Coffee Day Essentials’, in a joint venture between Coffee Day Global Ltd and Impact HD. The Essential stores will offer items ranging from confectionary, beverages, to snacks. This collaboration will provide a cool hangout space and a shopping hub for daily needs to CCD customers, all under the same roof, in Bangalore.

With this format, Café Coffee Day hopes to add a new customer base to its repertoire, thereby an increase in footfalls to the outlet.

Mr. Vinay Bhopatkar, CEO, Café Coffee Day, said “We have been extremely enthusiastic in exploring new ways to collaborate with the best of brands and create a differential experience for all our ever-evolving customers. After closely studying the needs of the new age customers, we created a platform where customers can shop while treating themselves to the unique food and beverages by CCD and its partner brands.”

Mr. Atsushi Muramatsu, CEO, Coffee Day Essentials, said “We are very proud of collaboration with CCD, the most competitive café brand in India. This collaboration will provide our customers two necessities of life: “socialising with loved ones” and “daily essentials shopping” within the local community. This partnership will help in developing this local community hub which is becoming the norm in the new normal.”

As part of the partnership, a pilot project has been launched by CCD at its Sadashivnagar cafe, to start with. Success in this format will see the partnership scaled up to around ten outlets in Bangalore.

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