Chicco Cotton Ear Buds: Ultimate Care for Delicate Ears

Practicing a good daily hygiene routine is essential to keep your little one healthy and happy. Cleaning baby’s ears is an equally important step in their everyday care routine along with bathing and other grooming activities. In fact, the ideal moment for checking and cleaning baby’s ears is immediately after bath time, when the child is relaxed and calm.

As new parents, one needs to be extremely careful when cleaning baby’s ears as their ears are very delicate. Chicco, the expert baby care brand understands the needs of babies and parents and offer solution in the form of Chicco Cotton Buds to ensure proper ear hygiene for babies.


Chicco cotton buds come with eardrum protection and their unique shape let’s you clean the outer surface of your baby’s ear gently, safely whilst ensuring safety of baby’s delicate ear drum. Made of 100% cotton, Chicco cotton buds are really soft and flexible. Most importantly, the stem of Chicco ear buds is made from paper making the product environment safe and biodegradable in nature.

Available in two formats i.e. Ear drum protection  and Regular cotton tips, Chicco Ear buds with all the above features allow proper cleaning of baby’s ears with utmost delicacy. And made with paper stem, they are compliant with the Indian regulations and offer additional safety feature for cleaning baby’s ears.

To cater to the need of the consumers, Chicco cotton buds are easily available in a practical 60 pieces and 90 pieces eardrum protection pack and a compact 160 pcs pack of their regular cotton tips, which can be easily carried in baby’s changing bag to always have it handy for baby’s hygiene and care.

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