ChistaDATA appoints Mukund Seetharaman as COO

ChistaDATA COO Mukund SeetharamanChistaDATA, the PeakXV-backed startup that revolutionizes the use of real-time analytics for organizations, announced the appointment of Mukund Seetharaman as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). Mukund’s leadership will be instrumental in propelling ChistaDATA’s growth and solidifying its position as a pioneer in Real-Time Analytics.

With over 25 years of industry experience in managing businesses across global markets, Mukund will be responsible for leading the company’s strategic initiatives, driving its global sales operations, and establishing critical partnerships. His expertise in leading global teams, securing significant deals in the cloud domain, and scaling practices into prosperous ventures uniquely positions him to contribute significantly to ChistaDATA’s growth and success.

“The appointment of Mr. Seetharaman marks a significant milestone in ChistaDATA’s journey. We are excited about the expertise, innovative thinking, and leadership he brings to the team. We are confident that under Mr. Seetharaman’s guidance, we will continue to build on the momentum we have achieved so far,” stated Shiv Iyer, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at ChistaDATA.

Speaking on his new role, Mukund Seetharaman also expressed his excitement, “In today’s AI-driven landscape, the value of data is paramount. I am thrilled to be part of ChistaDATA at this crucial moment and work towards helping clients leverage our unique benefits. Looking forward to working with Shiv and the team towards our shared vision of leveraging data and analytics to make a meaningful impact.”

In his previous role as the Chief Operating Officer at Jio Haptik Technologies, a leading conversational AI company, Mukund managed the global P&L and led the company’s expansion through sales, partnerships and customer satisfaction. Prior to this, he had a long and successful tenure with Wipro, where he initiated and managed businesses across various regions, including India, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Latin America.

Mukund’s appointment comes at a time when the company is all set to redefine the analytics landscape with its cloud platform. Backed by prominent investors like Peak XV and others, ChistaDATA empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions effortlessly, setting new industry standards in data analytics with its cutting-edge, autonomous platform ChistaDATA Cloud.

“There is a seismic shift underway in the database world as traditional implementations of Hadoop, Elastic, etc, are being rapidly replaced by ClickHouse on the back of superior speed, performance, and efficiency.

ChistaDATA is at the forefront of innovation in this space, with its long commitment to open source, a historical strength in managed services, and its fully-autonomous ClickHouse Cloud putting it in a prime position to become a global leader in real-time analytics DBs.

We are delighted to welcome Mukund as the COO. His wealth of experience at organizations such as Haptik and Wipro will enable ChistaDATA to deliver the numerous benefits of ClickHouse to enterprises across the world.” Anandamoy Roychowdhary, Partner Surge, Peak XV.

ChistaDATA, with its fully autonomous ClickHouse Database Infrastructure, currently manages several petabytes of customer data for real-time analytics. It offers extreme automation in deployment, monitoring, and orchestration, requiring minimal human intervention. The platform functions both cloud-agnostically and on-premise for regulated industries. ChistaDATA Cloud enables businesses to utilize true OLAP data analytics, eliminating the operational challenges and costs of legacy OLTP Database Systems. Its AI-Based Troubleshooting and open-source ecosystem foster constant innovation, boosting operational efficiency and data security.

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