CK Birla Hospital collaborates with Saqsham Orthopedics

CK Birla Hospital, a multispecialty hospital in Gurgaon, enabled by Saqsham Orthopedics, has installed the ArthroVIMS imaging system for their surgeons in the arthroscopy and sports medicine department. The Premium Tower 7K by VIMS will be the most tech-advanced visualization system used in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgeries. The adoption of such novel technologies aligns with the greater need to provide ethical, compassionate, and patient-centric healthcare, in the country.

Speaking on the installation of ArthroVIMS, Dr. Reetadyuti Mukhopadhyay, Chief Arthroscopy, Sports Injury and Shoulder Surgeon, CK Birla Hospital, Gurgaon, said, “With the evolution of diagnostics and precision medtech today, arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgeries involve intricate, delicate methods and warrant a need for safe and advanced medical instruments that can ensure a seamless surgery and improved patient experience. The intervention of high-quality precision med devices improves the access, visualisation and the resulting accuracy of surgery on the target location.”

The simple ergonomic design renders the ease of video imaging to surgeons during an optimized surgery through a clear 7K UHD resolution of 3780 Pixels. Packed with advanced features, ArthroVIMS offers an image quality that is 4 times higher than the gold standard resolution. It comes along with a directional system with a rotation angle of 170° to – 170° for 30° wide cameras used during surgeries. This will support enhanced healthcare delivery and patient outcomes in arthroscopy.

With this new device, the organisations are ready to usher in a new age of surgical excellence and patient-centered care in arthroscopy and sports medicine. The installation is an important step towards achieving the hospital’s goal of improving healthcare access through precision medical technologies and innovative minimally invasive procedures. It will also include comprehensive technology training and support for the surgeons on the Premium Tower 7K.

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