Cornea Launches Lite Touch Interactive Displays: A New Era of Smart Panel Technology in 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″, and 98″ Sizes”

Cornea has unveiled its latest range of Smart Panel Displays. Available in four versatile sizes — 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″, and 98″ — the products are priced at [94,440/-], [1,06,200/-], [1,41,600/-], [2,00,600/-] and [4,72,000/-] respectively. These cutting-edge interactive panels are engineered to revolutionize educational and professional environments. The products will be available for purchase on Cornea’s website and Amazon.

Following the launch, Director Ankit Garg stated, “Cornea’s Lite Touch Interactive Display series represents our unwavering dedication to enhancing the educational landscape. We’ve seamlessly blended robust technology with interactive features to not only withstand the test of time but also to foster a more engaging and efficient learning experience. Our series promises to deliver an interactive platform that elevates teaching and learning to new heights.”

Here are some features of the smart panel display:

Unmatched Durability with 4mm Toughened Glass

The Lite Touch series, with its 4mm toughened glass, ensures safety and enduring quality, standing up to the daily demands of active learning environments and business use.

Innovative Zero Bonding Technology

The series Zero Bonding Technology advances the field with its seamless integration of touch sensor and display glass, leading to a more durable, sleek, and responsive design.

Exceptional Visuals with A+ Display Panel

Featuring an A+ Display Panel, the Lite Touch series delivers precise and vibrant visuals, enhancing the clarity needed for detailed educational content and professional applications.

Enhanced Educational Interactivity

With 20-point touch support, the series fosters a collaborative and engaging learning environment, allowing multiple users to interact simultaneously—crucial for interactive education and teamwork in professional settings.

Vivid Imagery with 4 K Ultra HD Resolutions

Delivering 4K Ultra HD resolution, the Lite Touch series provides superior image quality, suitable for a range of applications from graphic design to detailed educational content.

Sturdy Metallic Body for Versatile Use

A metallic body encases the Lite Touch series, ensuring its longevity and adaptability in various settings, from interactive classrooms to high-stakes boardrooms.

Transforming Teaching and Learning

The Lite Touch series is designed to simplify teaching, offering enhanced visual presentation capabilities that make complex topics accessible and engaging for students. Interactive teaching features allow for dynamic content engagement, while improved collaboration tools enable students and educators to work together seamlessly.

Accessibility and Time-Saving Advantages

These displays make learning accessible to students with diverse needs and provide time-saving solutions for educators, allowing for more efficient management of lessons and resources.

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