DealsDray, the unique B2B platform with a presence of more than 3 years in Indian B2B e-commerce landscape launches DYLECT, an in-house Consumer Electronics brand

DealsDray, a unique B2B platform, active in Indian B2B Landscape for last 3 years, announces the launch of its in-house consumer electronics brand, DYLECT. The brand launches with DYLECT HD Smart TV 32IPS20S and DYLECT LED TV 32IPS30H offering a whole new world of entertainment on your fingertips. The newly launched TVs will be available on and

Engineering distinctive products for consumers, the high-tech innovation used enables clear picture quality, exceptional contrasts and industry leading bass sounds and a sharp treble. The televisions are a perfect amalgamation of technology, functionality and art.



Commenting on the launch of the brand, Mr. Anuj Bhatia, Founder, DealsDray and DYLECT said, “With the launch of DYLECT, we aim at becoming a leading provider of consumer electronics by perpetually innovating and providing consumers with quality products to suit their needs. The products are budget-friendly, feature-packed and Made in India for the Indian consumer. The products are designed with a convenient and easy to grasp interface keeping the user – experience and technical innovation at the forefront.”


The television provides an experience like never before. It comes with 12WX2 speakers, HD IPS display, Dual – Core CPU and Quad – Core GPU. Supporting the content consumption trend these days, it supports Netflix, amazon, YouTube and other apps for sports, gaming, education and lifestyle.

Display: The IPS LED display provides users with crystal-clear picture quality and high colour accuracy. The LG IPS Screen Panel adds precise viewing angles and black uniformity to ensure a remarkable experience.

Sound: Full Range Magnet Speakers, pump up the volume with the full range 12W x 2 speakers that give you heavy bass sounds and a wide range, so that you don’t miss on the smallest details as you play your music.

Power Packed Performance: The Dual Core CPU and Quad Core GPU gives a power packed performance

Entertainment: Surfing the internet for entertainment is much more convenient with Smart TVs, that easily connects to the Wi-Fi/ LAN connections. The built-in web browser feature eases the task of browsing web content, watching videos or photo slideshows. All this can be done with just a few clicks and without leaving your comfort zone.

Screen Mirroring: Dylect has crafted a way to project your smartphone screen on our smart TVs. Screen Mirroring movies or music from your smartphone to your TV is just as easy as pairing a device. The simultaneous screen sharing is a useful aid as it gives you the liberty to share your content with everyone in the room

Available at and

Price Points

MRP: INR 15,999

Prime Day special offer (6th and 7th August 2020): INR 8999


Draw yourself to the purest picture with a sleek and elegant design and embrace the immersive cinematic experience. The screen features robust picture quality and delivers a quality entertainment experience, offering your eyes the sharp and crisp images they deserve.

Display: The TV is equipped with LG IPS Screen Panel and 1366 x 768 pixels to give high definition panoramic view. The IPS displays are known for their crystal-clear picture quality, with the finest colour accuracy along with impeccable viewing angles.

Sound: With Audio Output Power – 12 W*2, we fabricate a rhythmic experience which helps explore the minute details of the bass and sound quality. The innovative multi-dimensional sound experience upgrades your level of entertainment by delivering a clear sound. It gives you the liberty to control the sharp treble and bass as per your own needs.

Picture Quality: Phenomenal picture quality that submerges you in its brightness. Get ready to immerse yourself in a wide range of colours and a sharp contrast ratio of 1200:1 for a realistic experience.

Connectivity: The TV is equipped with multiple connectivity options not limited to, two HDMI ports and two USB ports. The TV can be connected to multiple devices such as gaming consoles, set-top box, and compatible peripherals.

Low Power Consumption: Designed to be highly energy efficient, DYLECT TV comes with 4 star rating and runs on very low power consumption, with a typical power consumption of 45 Watts so that you enjoy high definition entertainment without worrying about your electricity bill.

Available at and

Price Points

MRP: INR 13,999

Prime Day special offer (6th and 7th August 2020): INR 7499

The HD SMART TV 32IPS20S and DYLECT LED TV 32IPS30H are sure to elevate your television watching experience.

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