Dogfight – The world’s leading pilot watch brand is now finally in India

Today, Dogfight Watches – the world’s leading pilot watch brand – finally touched down in India. The premium watch brand owned by WIN Inc. (manufacturing arm of WOORIM FMG, South Korea), has been brought to India by North Star Lifestyle LLP. Dogfight has a multinational presence across countries like UK, Ireland, Turkey, South Korea, Indonesia, South Africa, and The United States of America.

The most definitive aspect of every Dogfight watch has been its awe-inspiring design, which is a tribute to the courage of the World War I & II fighter pilots. The name itself is derived from the term that stands for the close-proximity aerial battle between fighter aircrafts. The attributes of precision, courage and resilience required for this kind of warfare are apparent in all the timepieces.


Mr. Sunil Chellaram – Designated Partner, Northstar Lifestyle LLP, said, “Dogfight is finally in India and ready to reach out to the millions of watch enthusiasts in the country. India is currently the world’s most dynamic market, and it changes the fastest, but it’s undeniable that vintage as a theme, will never go out of fashion here.”

Out of its 75 exclusive pilot watches, Dogfight will be launching 25 designs in India. These watches will be classified under two primary segments – The ACE & the Wingman Collection. The watches are available exclusively on

To gain maximum traction online, Dogfight has roped in Amura Marketing Technologies as their marketing partner, one of India’s leading digital marketing companies. Since they decided to go only the online way for sales, Dogfight needed a partner who had a wealth of experience and expertise in Digital Marketing and Sales. Amura is the only digital marketing company in India which is a Google Premier Partner and also an official Facebook Marketing Partner. 

Speaking about the association, Mr. Vinayak Katkar, Director – Amura Marketing Technologies said, “Dogfight has produced unique watches based on an inspiring concept. At Amura, we’re looking forward to launching the brand in India and taking it to the next level in terms of branding, engagement and digital sales. Our ‘Marketing Engineered’ philosophy, along with advertising automation and marketing automation platform Sell.Do, ensures we leverage the latest technology for maximum impact.”

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