Elari NanoPhone C runs out of stock in first 2 hrs of sale

Yerha.com, an e-commerce platform for technology products, reported that Elari NanoPhone C which was recently launched in India, went out of stock within 2hrs of sale. Available exclusively only on the e-tail site, the trendy, ultra-compact, anti-smart mobile phone is the world’s smallest GSM phone which is a bestseller in its category worldwide. 

The demand for Nanophone C has seemingly been rampant in India due to its increasing popularity among children, youth, businessmen and travellers alike. Yerha.com has seen 20 times jump in sales compared to the previous model of Nanophone which sold fewer units. Weighing only 30 g, the petite phone sports a bright colourful TFT display, 32 GB microSD and microSIM card slots, MP3 player, FM radio and alarm. It is a fully functional mobile phone + Bluetooth-handset  which is equipped with a headphone jack, microUSB port for charging/data transferring, a battery life of up to 3-4 days in standby mode and up to 4 hours of talk timе. For digital detox, you can copy up to 1000 contacts from your smart phone to Nano C with a single click, put in your SIM card, and leave your smart phone at home to be away from the internet, messengers, or social networks, while staying reachable by phone or text.

Mani Kant Jain, CEO of Yerha.com said, “We are delighted by the overwhelming response that we have received in such a short span. Nanophone C was able to garner thousands of registrations in the first 24 hours of availability and went out of stock in just 2 hrs of sale. Considering the escalation in demand we have restocked our inventory and consumers can now place fresh orders. The success of Nanophone C has further strengthened our presence in the industry and we will continue to introduce more quirky, innovative gadgets in the Indian market.”

Users can install an additional SIM card into Nano C, BT-pair it with their smart phone (including iPhone and Android smart phones) and use either of the two numbers to make and receive calls with access to both phonebooks. The Magic Voice function is an added fun feature which can be used to prank-call your friends with a funny sound. This makes the mini phone an ideal communication and entertainment device.

Available exclusively on Yerha.com, the mobile phone comes in three colours- rose gold, black and silver at a festive price offer of Rs. 3,490. Orders once placed can be tracked within 48hrs with a guaranteed refund option during the same period. The company is registered with consumer forum for better customer payment security.

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