Eureka Forbes brings Dr. Aquaguard with Ayurfresh technology in India

Eureka Forbes brings to its customers the new Dr. Aquaguard with Ayurfresh technology to give a refreshing taste and aroma to everyday drinking water. Dr. Aquaguard Edge Ayurfresh and Dr. Aquaguard Classic+ Ayurfresh purifiers come with a cutting edge technology that infuses the goodness of 7 Ayurvedic ingredients in every glass of great tasting water.

Eliminating the hassle of sourcing essential ingredients and boiling them in water, Dr. Aquaguard with Ayurfresh, offers water that is loaded with authentic herbs and spices sourced from the fertile lands of Kerala – Cinnamon (provides anti-fungal properties), Black Pepper (for prevention of stomach disorders), Clove buds (for dental treatment), Cumin (to improve digestion), Cardamom (to treat bad breath), Tulsi leaves (ability to boost immunity) and Ginger (to increase digestive power) and blended beautifully into the Ayurfresh cartridge. The water purifier comes with dual taps in Edge Ayurfresh and dual dispensing buttons in Classic+ Ayurfresh™, priced at Rs. 25,999 and Rs 15,999 respectively.

Marrying tradition with modern technology to provide benefits of ancient and traditional benefits of herbs and spices, Dr. Aquaguard with Ayurfresh has no added preservatives, sweeteners or colours. It is packed in a hygienic seal pack that dispenses ayurvedic water through a slow-release technology. Dr. Aquaguard Edge Ayurfresh also comes with silver shield protection, which releases silver ions into the water, keeping water purified. It also comes with a first of its kind ‘do it yourself’ water filter system, enabling the customer to change the filters on their own.

Mr. Shashank Sinha, Chief Transformation Officer, Eureka Forbes Limited, said, “The drive to stay fit and healthy has brought consumers to opt for healthier options when it comes to the consumption of food and drinks. This drive has also been reflected in the water intake with people constantly looking for a healthier option. At Eureka Forbes, we have been committed towards producing purifiers that give optimum health benefits to our users. With these new products from Dr. Aquaguard, we are bringing in a 5000-year-old wisdom, the goodness of Ayurvedic ingredients, into the water through our cutting edge technology of Ayurfresh™ that will cater to the wellness needs of the young millennials, young moms and elderly citizens.”

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