Flipkart now available in Gujarati

Flipkart announced the introduction of Gujarati language support on its platform as part of its vision to make online commerce more inclusive and accessible for Indian language users. With the addition of the country’s sixth most widely spoken language on the Flipkart app, customers across the country will now be able to use the platform in their preferred native language.

From display banners to category pages and product descriptions, Flipkart offers an end-to-end Gujarati experience to millions of customers by utilising a judicious mix of translation and transliteration of over 5.4 million words on the platform to bring a natural language experience. This includes transliteration of terms such as EMI, delivery, filter, cart and OTP instead of simply translating them to enable better resonance with the native experience, helping users get acquainted with e-commerce terminologies.

The introduction of Gujarati is in line with Flipkart’s aim of leveraging locally developed language solutions to help bring the next 200 million customers on board with e-commerce. With the two new languages, the Flipkart app is now available in 8 Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali and Odia developed in a span of over 1.5 years.

Gujarati is closely linked to the previously introduced Hindi language support as both the languages are derived from Devanagari script and have several similarities. This led to a faster scale up of the language based on the learnings from Hindi and helped in bringing a natural experience.

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