Goibibo Launches Group Holiday Planning Tool – ‘GoPlanner’

Goibibo today announced the launch of its new group holiday planning tool – GoPlanner for the new age travellers. As a part of this solution, GoPlanner aims to create an experience for its customers which enables them to travel with their friends, family and loved ones with comfort, ease and maximum efficiency; thereby providing them with an engaging planning and booking experience. 

‘GoPlanner’ your perfect travel buddy, will act as the one stop shop for all your travel planning needs by preparing curated plans for you, by just adding your destination and travel dates. 

Commenting on the launch of GoPlanner, Vikalp Sahni, CTO, Goibibo said – “Goibibo is at the forefront of technological innovations and this solution is one of the first in the online travel segment. The concept of GoPlanner was to ease the way people book their travel as group trips are always time-consuming and requires major coordination. GoPlanner will act as a one stop solution for all travel needs making the process of booking travel seamless and engaging for large groups.” 

GoPlanner comes with the following offerings all in one application. 

Invite friends: Customer can invite their friends to be a part of the plan from their phone book

Personalised recommendations: The customer will not have to worry about researching or reviewing a hundred different options in hundred different places. as the tool will curate the best possible travel and stay recommendations  based on travel history and needs, thus minimising the research time. This would further help compare different options and prices at one place.

Shortlist and Vote: The User can Shortlist (Flights, Hotels, Bus Train, Car) and add the items to a plan, and with the 👍like 👎dislike option, a quick decision on what flight to take or where to stay can be made in an instant. The key value addition is that the user could be travelling from any part of the country and could shortlist in any plan of his/her choice.

Chat: There is an inbuilt chat feature that will help the user talk to their friends and take opinions, “without switching between apps”

Group Booking Deals: Travelling in a group by creating a plan comes with other benefits, more the number of people you book for, more will be the gratification points. These can be used to plan and book the next trip.

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