Hatchbacks constitute 57% of cars resold across top cities in India: Quikr Online Classifieds Used Cars Report

Quikr-logoMumbai, India, March 17, 2015: Quikr, India’s number one online classifieds platform, released the second edition of the Quikr Online Classifieds Used Cars Report, highlighting significant trends from the online used cars market in India. The report reveals that the demand for hatchback cars bought and sold the highest compared to any other type of car listed on the platform. Amongst other findings, the report also states that premium cars such as Aston Martin and Lamborghinis are bought and sold twice as fast as other economy cars. The Quikr Online Classifieds Used Cars Report shares trends about consumers’ car brand preferences, used car transactions and other key insights about the online used cars market.

As hatchbacks constitute 57% of the total number of cars sold across India’s top cities, the highest distribution of cars came from Ahmedabad followed by metro cities. Across cities, the average age of a resold car is 4 years old and most cars are listed for sale after 60,000 kilometers.

Other key trends from the report:

  • The Top 5 models bought and sold by *listing on the platform
    • Maruti Suzuki is the most popular brand preferred by buyers and sellers
  • Most popular colour preferred by users
    • White and silver are the most popular colours for the cars being bought and sold
  • Ad listings across cities
    • Delhi NCR has the highest number of car ad listings by buyers and sellers
  • Highest selling brands across different cities/regions
    • Mumbai has the highest share of Sedans being sold than any other city
    • Chennai has the highest share of SUVs being sold than any other city

Pranay Chulet, Founder & CEO of Quikr said, “Traditionally in India, people preferred to buy and sell used cars through offline channels. This market first started moving online and now the market has shifted to mobile which has become the most preferred way to buy, sell and find second hand vehicles. Quikr is at the forefront of this shift, connecting buyers and sellers through our mobile apps and site. Not only do we connect buyers and sellers via our messaging service Quikr NXT and older generation methods like emails and calls, we also offer value added services such as No Fikar Inspection Reports and Maximum Selling Price (MSP) to help people make the best car purchasing decision. With this report, we aim to demonstrate the effectiveness of mobile internet as the dominant medium for used cars transactions.”

Quikr sees over 1.3 million transactions per month across categories with cars being one of the largest and fastest growing category. 


The report was created considering the trends in the auto industry based on Quikr’s internal data analytics. The analytics are based on two main sources of data: ad listings posted by users on the sell side as well as feedback from users on the buy side. The data analyzed is based on ad listings on Quikr’s platform from October – December 2014. The cars included in the survey ranged from hatchback cars to premium luxury cars.

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