HealthPlix releases easy to use In-clinic doctor insights dashboard

HealthPlix Technologies announced the release of its in-clinic analytics software – ROBIN for doctors. ROBIN is an analytical software that sits on HealthPlix flagship product EMR. As part of the first feature release from ROBIN, doctors can now access the all-new, one-click in-clinic Doctor Insights Dashboard that aims to give back the doctors’ information on what is happening in their clinic over time.

The Doctor Insights Dashboard feature release from ROBIN is a doctor-facing UI designed to easily track the critical aspects of their patient visits with predefined algorithms and quick links to visual charts. It acts as an ultimate assistant to doctors and plays a pivotal role in elevating and revolutionizing healthcare delivery.

Mr Sandeep Gudibanda – CEO and Co-Founder of HealthPlix Technologies, said, “Our products are designed to solve the fundamental problems faced by an Indian doctor. It is one of the rare moments in the industry where a doctors’ opinion has led to the engineering of the all-new, one-click Doctor Insights Dashboard. It delivers a faster, smarter, and comprehensive way to achieve in-clinic success. The dashboard takes doctors practice to the next level and enables them to drive better health outcomes at the point of care. We are here to empower the doctor community and bring them one step closer to digitize healthcare practices.”

Our analysis of 6000+ registered doctor feedback revealed that a single simplified view of patient facts leads to informed decisions as part of a doctor’s practice journey. With this in-house engineered feature, HealthPlix has given the power in the hands of a doctor who can deep dive to the most granular level. Doctors can open the Insights Dashboard within seconds in HealthPlix EMR and get to know everything about their in-clinic practice.

Commenting on the feature release, Chaitanya Raju, Chief of AI at HealthPlix Technologies said, “So far, health-tech innovation has not supported doctors in improving care and staying ahead of their competition. As the name suggests, in-clinic Doctor Insights Dashboard is a visual representation of patient metrics. Our vision is to win doctors confidence with tools that eliminate time-consuming tasks, deliver outstanding patient care, shorten wait times, and elevate the in-clinic experience.”

It is one of its kind insights dashboards developed by HealthPlix that helps doctors analyse the factors, trends, and correlations in medical practice. By default, the overall view pulls information together for all patients. Today, patient experience stands at the core of healthcare services. It is of utmost importance for doctors to provide personalized treatment by leveraging digital transformation. Digital tools help healthcare providers with an extensive view of patient health by increasing access to health data and giving patients greater control over their health.

HealthPlix has received funding from leading investors such as Lightspeed Venture Partners, JSW Ventures, Kalaari Capital and Chiratae Ventures, to name a few. In their latest round of funding, HealthPlix raised $13.5 million as part of Series B funding, which was led by Lightspeed Ventures and joined by existing investors.

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