Hike Wallet crosses 5 million transactions per month

Hike Messenger today announced Hike Wallet crossing 5 million transactions every month. The Hike Wallet has seen a  growth of  over 30% month-over-month, in just 5 months from launch of Hike 5.0 and Wallet. This makes Hike Wallet the fastest growing Wallet in India. Hike is the first messaging app to integrate payments in India and has seen a phenomenal response in the adoption of the Wallet with even a simple set of services like Recharge & P2P.

To make even more people experience the Hike Wallet, Hike has launched an innovative campaign wherein Hike users can gift free money to friends and groups and receive money in the Hike Wallet. This campaign addresses the two biggest asks from Hiker users – first,  enhance the Group experience and secondly make it easier to import their groups onto Hike. By gifting free money to friends and Groups in the Hike Wallet is an added incentive to get more people to experience the Hike Wallet. The team at Hike has built a really slick experience over the last six months to address these requests from Hike users and have now rolled it out to all.

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