Honda Cars India Introduces Ultra Body Coating for Enhanced Vehicle Protection

Honda Cars India has introduced Ultra Body Coating, an enhancing appeal & protective solution for its customers.

The Ultra Body Coating is a high-performance transparent layer formulated with a next generation material called Silane, which makes it the hardest glass-based coating by Industry standard. The coating provides an ultra-glossy, glass-based, super smooth surface to the vehicle and retains the glossiness of the car.

The coating contains materials which result in a thicker optimal layer creating an easy to maintain surface that protects the car from dust, pollutants, UV Rays and the antifouling effects against acid rains.

Mr. Kunal Behl, Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Honda Cars India Ltd, shared insights into the benefits of this latest offering, stating, “At Honda, we are consistently looking at providing our customers with the best products and services. In our endeavor to deliver that, we have introduced this premium body coating for all our customers. This cutting-edge product is designed to not only provide long-lasting protection but also enhance the visual appeal of the vehicle. We are excited to offer this advanced service to our valued customers, ensuring that their Honda continues to look as impressive as it did on the day of purchase.”

The Ultra Body Coating service will be available across all Honda dealerships in the country starting at a price of Rs 28,900 and can be applied to all Honda models.

A comprehensive three-year warranty backs this premium coating. Throughout this period, Honda offers complimentary maintenance and service benefits every six months. These routine services are essential to maintain the vehicle’s shine and glossiness of the vehicle.

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